Program Description

Coshocton County, like any other community, could experience a natural disaster, such as a tornado, flood, fire, winter storm, or a disease outbreak. While chances are slim, our community could also fall victim to a man-made disaster such as a bio-terrorist attack.

Due to the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and other recent world wide events, the US Department of Homeland Security has issued grants to state health departments to develop plans in order to be prepared for the possibility. The Coshocton County Health Department has an emergency preparedness grant from the Ohio Department of Health to help us prepare and respond to public health emergencies.

We are partnering with other agencies such as the sheriff’s office, emergency management agency, county commissioners, schools, city health department and others to coordinate services that will maximize the protection of our community.
In any type of disaster, lives can be saved if people are prepared for an emergency.

Make a Family Disaster Plan!
Before making your disaster plan, its important to know what types of emergencies are likely in your area and the best way to respond. For example, if tornadoes are common in your area, you will need to know what the warning signs are and where to take shelter. Check with your Local Red Cross chapter or Emergency Management Agency for more information.

Find the safe spots in your home for each type of disaster. For example, during an earthquake you will need to “drop, cover, and hold on” under a sturdy desk or table. However, during a tornado, you would need to seek shelter in a lower level room without windows. Learn more about different types of disasters.

Choose multiple meeting places. Different disasters may require you to go to different places. Make sure you choose a meeting place in your neighborhood, a meeting place just outside your neighborhood, and a meeting place out of town.
Determine the best escape routes from your home. Find two ways to get out of each room.


Review these plans with all members of your family. Practice your disaster plans by running drills with the whole family.
Don’t Forget Pets! Think about what you would do with your pets, because they may not be allowed in emergency shelters. For more information, check out Preparing Your Pet for Emergencies.

Get your kids ready!
Teach children how and when to call 911 for help.
Quiz your kids on the plan to make sure they remember what to do.
Include your kids in planning and drills.
Ready Wrigley can help your kids be ready for many kinds of emergencies!

Stay up to date ” Be Proactive”

Consider signing up for code red for emergency alerts! 

Coshocton County EMA 

Follow Coshocton County Sheriffs office for important information 


Stephanie Slifko, PHEP Coordinator
Contact: 740-295-7310