50 or less sites    $160.00

Over 50 sites     ($160.00+$1.50 per unit over 50)

Temporary Park Camp    $100.00

Resident Camp                    $70.00

Ohio Department of Health- Campground Program: https://www.odh.ohio.gov/odhprograms/eh/parks/park2.aspx

Need a place to Camp? Coshocton County’s  list of Campgrounds:  Park-Camp

Campground rules: 3701-26

License Renewal- Applications for license renewal shall be received in April. Applications received after April 30th of each year shall be assessed a penalty as authorized by section 3709.09 of the Revised Code. The penalty shall accompany the license fee. if the last day of April is not a business day, the penalty attaches upon the close of business of the next business day.