Sewage Treatment System
Information for homeowners

The do’s and don’ts for a septic tank

ODH Sewage Program

 Steps for homeowners   (This packet will take you through the steps to obtain a home sewage treatment system)

 Application to Install  

2018 Sewage Fee’s 

Site Review Fee- $100.00

New Or Replacement System- $270.00 + $74.00 (state)+ $50.00 (Operation Permit)= $394.00

Alteration of Existing STS- $135.00+ $35.00(State)+ $50.00 (Operation Permit)= $220.00

5 Year Renewal Operation Permit fee- $50.00

Septic Installer Registration- $100.00

Septic Hauler Registration- $100.00/$50.00 per truck

Service Provider Registration- $100.00

Septic Certification (loans, banks, etc.)- $100.00

Need A Septic Certification?  blank Certification form
 List of registered providers for Coshocton County 2018

Registered Installers 18′– Home sewage treatment systems

Service providers 18′– Maintenance of home sewage treatment systems

Septage Haulers 18′– Pumping/Maintenance of home sewage treatment systems