Food Fees 2018
Temporary Food Application

Inspections take place at every food service, retail establishment, mobiles units, temporary set-ups in the County. Each facility is  based on risk level I, II, III, IV. Risk level I poses the lowest level risk activity to the public in terms of sanitation, food labeling, sources of food, practices, etc. While risk level IV operations pose a higher risk to the public concerning handling, preparing,reheating, cooling temperatures, and a lot more. Level I, & II are required to have one standard inspection once per year, while levels III and IV get 2 standards and 2 Critical Control Point Inspections.


Handwashing sign

Food Safety Handout

Food Temperature handout

Mobile Retail or Food Establishment

Ohio Department of health Food Safety-

Check out our Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3713 Retail Food Establishment & Food Service Operation rule of the Month!     

Rule for March                 facts

Waste receptacles- Using drain plugs. 3717-1-05.4  Drains in receptacles and waste handling units for refuse, recyclables, or returnables shall have drain plugs in place.  



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Back yard Grilling tips for food safety!