Emergency Management Agency



Mission Statement:

To provide safety and comfort to Coshocton County residents from natural disasters, hazardous chemicals and acts of terrorism, by developing and exercising plans for Mitigation, Preparation, Response and Recovery phases of a disaster.




The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recognized Coshocton County as a StormReady county in January 2008. To receive this recognition, Coshocton County met the following requirements:

1. Establish a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center (EOC).

2. Establish multiple ways to receive and distribute weather forecasts and

3. Create a system that monitors local weather conditions.

4. Promote the importance of public preparedness through community seminars.

5. Develop a formal hazardous weather plan, including severe weather spotter
training and scheduled emergency exercises.

Safety and Preparedness

High Wind


What to do before (Preparedness):

  • Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage during a high winds.
  • Think about how to secure outdoor items and protect property that may be damaged by high winds.
  • Understand that boating in open waters in high wind is dangerous.


What to do during (Safety):

  • Secure and protect outdoor items that may blow around in the high wind.
  • If boating, move to protected areas or ashore.
  • Do not drive high profile vehicles such as campers or RVs on days when the threat level is elevated or greater.
  • If the threat level is significant or critical, stay away from windows.


Legend and Definitions

High Wind

The Wind Threat level is based on the forecast maximum wind gusts and on watches/warnings or advisories that are in affect for high wind.





Wind Speed












  gusts < 25 mph




No watch warning or advisory




Minimal or none




  gusts 25-39 mph








Small branches sway. Lightweight items such as empty trash cans blown around. Wavy waters on lakes.








gusts 40-58 mph




Wind Advisory is in affect for frequent gusts 40-58 mph.




Whole trees sway. Medium weight objects such as filled trash cans or lawn furniture are blown around. Large swells on lakes create dangerous boating conditions. High profile vehicles impacted.








gusts > 58 mph




High wind warning is in affect for frequent wind gusts > 58 mph




Trees can be damaged. All vehicles are impacted. Small boats can capsize. High profile vehicles can be blown off the road.








gusts > 70 mph




High wind warning for gusts greater than 70 mph.




Buildings damaged