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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Coshocton County General Health District is to protect, promote, and improve the health  and safety of Coshocton County residents.


CCHD Administration:

Steve Lonsinger, R.S., M.A., Health Commissioner
Tammy Smith , RN, Director of Nursing
Zach Fanning, RS, Director of Environmental Health
Cindy Hilbish, Director of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Wendy Wilson, Fiscal Officer & Vital Statistics Registrar
Denise Thompson, Public Health Nurse, BCMH
Jackie Buchanan, Deputy Registrar
Jesse Christmas, PHEP Coordinator
Board Of Health Members:                                                 Term Expires
Scott Limburg, Licensing Council Rep/President      2022
Dr. Robert Gwinn, MD                                                               2024
Don Wells                                                                                          2020
Dr. Jeff Poland, DVM                                                                  2021
Linda Weber                                                                                    2023


Public Health Matters
Tune in each week, Thursdays at 12:30pm on WTNS.
Listen to important public health information
Coshocton County Health Department
USDA Rabies Surveillance
Report sick, found dead
animals such as fox, raccoon,
skunk, coyote

Important Flooding Information 2019

2018 Annual Report for DAC

Feasibility report for Coshocton County and Coshocton City consolidation

2018 Coshocton County Hunger Directory