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Ohio Revised Code 3709.03 states: “There is hereby created in each general health district a district advisory council. A council shall consist of the president of the board of county commissioners, the chief executive of each municipal corporation not constituting a city health district, and the chairperson of the board of township trustees of each township.

The board of county commissioners, the legislative body of a municipal corporation, and the board of township trustees of a township may select an alternate from among themselves to serve if the president, the chief executive, or the chairperson is unable to attend any meeting of the district advisory council. When attending a meeting on behalf of a council member, the alternate may vote on any matter on which the member is authorized to vote.

The council shall meet annually in March at a place determined by the chair and the health commissioner for the purpose of electing the chair and the secretary, making necessary appointments to the board of health, receiving and considering the annual or special reports from the board of health, and making recommendations to the board of health or to the department of health in regard to matters for the betterment of health and sanitation within the district or for needed legislation. The secretary of the council shall notify the district health commissioner and the director of health of the proceedings of such meeting.”

DAC Annual Reports

Coshocton County Community Health Improvement Plan (2022-2026)

Coshocton County Community Health Assessment (2021)


Ohio Revised Code:

Coshocton Public Health District’s governing and enforcement abilities is set forth in the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3709 and Chapter 3707


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Coshocton County Help with Utilities

Coshocton County Housing Assistance

Food Assistance List

Home Medical Equipment and Services

Behavioral Health and Substance Use Treatment

Social Isolation Resources


Ohio Health Improvement Zones (OHIZ) 

The Ohio Health Improvement Zones (OHIZ) refers to the socioeconomic and and demographic factors that affect the resilience of individuals and communities – the ability to prevent human suffering and financial loss in a disaster.  By understanding where these populations are located and what factors contribute to their levels of risk, Ohio Health Improvement zones can aid in all phases of improving health in communities. 

Click Here to view: Coshocton County

Infographic image showing various locations within a city. Heading text reads: People and places thrive when everyone can participate. Civic health starts with our local communities and is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Click the photo above to view the 2024 National Findings Report: Creating Thriving Communities Through Civic Participation.

Coshocton County Health ranks for 2023 ranks health in Coshocton 65th out of 88 counties.  61.5% of the population lives in a low population density area. Coshocton County is ranked in the lower middle range of counties in Ohio (Lower 25%-50%).  Click Here to View Health Rankings.

Mapping for Disparities by Social Determinants of Health: Coshocton County

The SDOH view provides a user-friendly way to view social determinants of health across various domains and geographies. This data is provided by (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) Click Here to View Data. 

Coshocton County Cancer Profile 2023

Approximately four out of 10 Ohioans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime.  Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Ohio, accounting for nearly one in five deaths.  This report provided an overview of cancer in Coshocton County, including data on cancer incidence (new cases and mortality (deaths), and Ohio and US comparisons, trends, early detection, and risk factors.  This information can be used to increase awareness about burden of cancer in Coshocton County and to develop targeted cancer programs in the community. Click Here to View Data.

State/National Resources – Ohio Department of Health – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – World Health Organization