Delinquent Taxes

Real estate and manufactured home taxes are billed every year, with one-half due at a time.  The due dates vary every year, but the first half is due sometime around February or March, and the second half sometime around June or July.  Tax due dates are posted at the Treasurer’s Office website.  If a property owner does not pay the amount due on or before the due date, 10% of all unpaid current taxes is added as a penalty.  After the second half collection is closed, Ohio Revised Code Section 5721.03 requires the publication of the list.  This is done both in local newspapers and online.  The purpose of this is not to embarrass people, but only to remind people who may have mislaid their tax bill or forgotten to pay due to some circumstance that there are taxes due.  This allows payment and avoids any foreclosure process being started.

If taxes remain unpaid for a year after the delinquent tax list is publicized, interest charges start accumulating on the unpaid balance.  The parcels are also moved to the Prosecutor’s List and are eligible for tax foreclosure.  This foreclosure process is initiated and managed by the County Treasurer’s Office.  They have other options in place that can help a taxpayer make payments and avoid losing his or her property to foreclosure.  For more information about a property in danger of tax foreclosure, contact the County Treasurer Janette Donaker at 740.622.2731 or click on Delinquent Tax Payment Plan Information.


Current Delinquent Advertising List:

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Current Prosecutor List:

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