Weather-damaged properties could be eligible for tax relief

Property owners of a home or business that has been damaged by recent flooding or storms, may be eligible to receive a reduction on their annual real estate tax.  Because of the extensive damage experienced by our friends in the West Lafayette area, Coshocton County Auditor Chris Sycks will be providing on-site assistance on Tuesday, July 23rd between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.  During this time, Sycks, along with staff appraisers and a notary public, will be at the West Lafayette Village Council Chambers, 115 East Railroad Street, to answer questions and help file the necessary forms. 

Auditor Sycks states that state law authorizes County Auditors to reduce real estate values for properties that have been damaged or destroyed. A substantial reduction in property value may result in lower real estate taxes for the property until it has been essentially restored to its prior condition or value.  Real estate tax bills for tax year 2019 (payable 2020) will reflect the reduction and records will not increase back to full value until the property is restored.

Property value reductions can be applied to real property – including manufactured homes. Personal property such as furniture and personal belongings that have been destroyed are not included.   Manufactured home taxes are paid current year, so the bills just mailed and paid would be adjusted and any overpayments refunded.

“We would like to hear from citizens who have unfortunately suffered structural damage to their property from recent storms,” said Auditor Sycks, “so that we may update our information and allow them to take advantage of tax relief.”

The application deadline for any property damage or destruction occurring since January 1, 2019 is December 31, 2019 for real estate and January 31, 2020 for manufactured homes taxed apart from land.    

Property owners can receive additional information or request a form to be mailed to them by calling the Coshocton County Auditor’s Office at 740-622-1243.  Applications for a property value reduction and additional information are also available on the County Auditor’s web site at


Damage that occurred during this summer’s storms should be reported by December 31, 2019 to receive the full tax adjustment allowable.