Payment plans are available for delinquent taxes with a balance over $500.00 and if a previous contract has not been voided.

Ohio Revised Code Section 323.31 outlines provisions for a Delinquent Tax Contract which may be established by the Coshocton County Treasurer enabling a taxpayer to make scheduled delinquent installments on real property tax.

A Delinquent Tax Contract is initiated when the owner of the property comes into the Coshocton County Treasurer’s office, signs the contract and pays the first delinquent installment and any current tax that may be due; however the delinquent installment must be received or postmarked on or before the last day of the same month.

     – The Treasurer establishes the amount of each delinquent installment.

     – A separate bill will be mailed semi-annually for the current tax per the Delinquent Tax Contract; it must be paid in full on or before the due date on the tax bill.

     – No grace period for payment of current tax is allowed within the Ohio Revised Code.

     – Late payment or non-payment of either the delinquent installment or the current tax payment will render the Delinquent Contract void and the taxpayer will lose their right to re-negotiate a new Delinquent Tax Contract.

   – Voiding a Delinquent Tax Contract may subject the property to foreclosure proceedings.

      – Advanced delinquent installments may be made without penalty but will not replace a scheduled monthly delinquent installment payment.

       – The entire balance of tax may be paid off at any time in advance without penalty.

Payment of the delinquent installments may be made with cash, a personal check, money order or cashier’s check and must be made out for the exact amount of the delinquent installment(s). The canceled check will be your receipt.

Please contact the Coshocton County Treasurer’s Office at 740-622-2731 for additional information.