2021 County-Wide Reappraisal Begins

     Coshocton County Auditor Christine Sycks announced that the next County-wide Reappraisal for Coshocton County will be for tax year 2021, payable in 2022.  Work on this project has already begun.  One of the statutory duties of the County Auditor is to ensure that all properties are assessed with a fair market value for tax purposes.  “Ohio Law and the Ohio Department of Taxation require county auditor’s office to view and appraise every parcel of real estate at least once every six years,” said Sycks.  “This requires our office to view, collect and enter property information that contributes to the property’s value.” 

     A contract has been signed with John G. Cleminshaw, Inc., out of Stow, Ohio, to do the reappraisal work, alongside Jarrod Tipton, County Chief Appraiser, and Dustin Gregory, County Appraiser.  Every parcel in the county will be viewed physically, throughout the two-year process. 

     Appraisers are already out gathering data on every parcel.  They have started in the City of Coshocton and will be there for a month or two before moving on to the rural areas of the county.  They will all have identification on their person and in the windows of their vehicles, which are a grey Honda CRV and a white Buick Century.      

     In early fall, there will also be mailers sent out to all dwelling owners asking for characteristics, such as number of bathrooms, type of heat, etc., of the home.  This is to assure our records are accurate, as the appraisers only enter a home if they are invited.

     Homeowners can visit the auditor’s web site for answers to view the status of the project and other pertinent information.  To learn more about the reappraisal process, please visit the County Auditor’s website at and click on the 2021 Reappraisal tab.  Periodic updates will also be shared on the Coshocton County Auditor’s Office Facebook page.