1. Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property (DTE 1) Rev. 12/22 
  2. Complaint Against the Assessment of Real Property Other than Market Value (DTE 2) Rev. 12/22
  3. Complaint Against the Valuation of a Manufactured or Mobile Home Taxed Like Real Property Fill In (DTE 1M) Rev. 1/02
  4. Special COVID-19-Related Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property (DTE 1A) Rev. 12/22
  5. Board of Revision Rules of Procedure Rev. 1/11/21
  6. Notice of Appeal to the Board of Tax Appeals from a Decision of a County Board of Revision Fill In(DTE 4) Rev. 10/13
  7. Homestead Exemption and Owner-Occupancy Reduction Complaint (DTE 106B) Rev. 1/21


  1. Initial Application for the Valuation of Land at its Current Agricultural Use (DTE 109) Rev. 01/21
  2. Mailing Address Change Form for CAUV renewals ONLY – Contact Treasurer’s office if you want the Tax Billing Address changed!
  3. Coshocton County Farmers Spreadsheet (this is for any farmers that farm other properties besides their own)


  1. Homestead Exemption Application for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Surviving Spouses (DTE 105A) Rev. 01/21
  2. Certificate of Disability for the Homestead Exemption Fill In (DTE 105E) Rev. 10/19
  3. Addendum to the Homestead Exemption Application for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Surviving Spouses Fill In (DTE 105G) Rev. 11/13
  4. Addendum to the Homestead Exemption Application for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Surviving Spouses – Fill In (DTE 105H) Rev. 10/19
  5. Homestead Exemption Application for Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses Fill In (DTE 105I) Rev. 10/19
  6. Homestead Exemption Application for Surviving Spouses of Public Service Officers Killed in the Line of Duty (DTE 105K) Prescribed 01/21


  1. Owner-Occupancy Tax Reduction Fill In (DTE 105C) Rev. 9/16
  2. Owner-Occupancy Tax Reduction On Manufactured and Mobile Homes Taxed Like Real Property (DTE 56) Rev. 9/16 


  1. Agricultural District Application Rev. 12/13/18
  2. Real Property Tax Exemption and Remission – Fill In (DTE 23) Rev. 1/19 **Make sure the tax years you are wanting exemption for are answered on the first question.  Thank you!**
  3. Remission of Real Property and Manufactured Home Late-Payment Penalties Fill In (DTE 23A) Rev. 10/17
  4. Veterans’ and Fraternal Organization Tax Exemption Renewal Application – Fill In (DTE 23V) Rev. 1/19
  5. Notice of Loss of the Right to Real Property Tax Exemption DTE 23 N Rev. 1/22
  6. Application for Valuation Deduction for Destroyed or Damaged Real Property Fill-In DTE 26 Rev. 5/22
  7. Notice of New Construction Rev. 4/2023
  8. New Construction Form Fill In



  1. Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt (DTE 100) Rev. 5/20 USE TO PRINT & COMPLETE ONLY
  2. Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt (DTE 100 Fill In) Rev. 5/20 USE FOR FILL-IN ONLY
  3. Statement of Reason for Exemption From Real Property Conveyance Fee Fill In (DTE 100 EX) Rev. 1/14
  4. Statement of Conveyance of Current Agricultural Use Valuation Property Fill In (DTE 102) Rev. 8/09
  5. Statement of Conveyance of Homestead Property (DTE 101) Rev. 6/16
  6. Deed Routing Form



  1. Destroyed or Damaged Manufactured Homes (DTE 49) Rev. 11/97
  2. Manufactured Home Conveyance Form  Fill In (DTE 100M) Rev. 2/14
  3. Manufactured Home Exempt Conveyance (DTE 100M EX) Rev. 2/14
  4. Application to Convert a Manufactured Home to Real Estate Rev. 3/23




  1. 2024 Kennel Application
  2. Kennel Affidavit Rev. 7/23
  3. Commercial Dog Breeder Information & Forms
  4. Mailing Address Form Change
  5. Update Deceased Dog
  6. Application for High Volume Breeder Permit


  1. Cigarette License Application (CIG 40) Rev. 3/20
  2. Junkyard License Application Form
  3. Vendor’s License to Make Taxable Sales Fill In (ST 1) Rev. 09/19


  1. Lodging Tax Reporting Form Rev 3/23
  2. Lodging Zero Reporting Form Fill In Rev. 1/17
  3. Affidavit For Lost Or Destroyed Warrant
  4. Public Records Request Rev. 7/23




  1. 2024 Coshocton County Employee Expense Report
  2. Sales and Use Tax – Blanket Exemption Certificate Rev. 3/15


  1. Direct Deposit Form
  2. Sick Leave Donation Form Rev. 4/26/2023
  3. 2023 W-4 Rev. 4/26/2023


  1. City Income Tax Rev. 4/26/2023
  2. I-9 (Fillable) Rev 10/21/2019
  3. I-9 Instructions Rev. 11/14/2016
  4. Marketplace Insurance (Part Time) Revised 4/27/2023
  5. New Employee (Full Time) Rev. 4/26/2023
  6. New Employee (Part Time/Seasonal) Rev. 4/26/2023
  7. Ohio New Hire Form
  8. Part B – PT No Insurance
  9. Rehired Employee (Full Time) Rev. 4/26/2023
  10. Rehired (Part Time/Seasonal) Rev. 4/26/2023


  1. Internal Revenue Service
  2. State of Ohio Department of Taxation
  3. Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
  4. State Teachers Retirement System



Auditor of State

Coshocton County Property Search

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Ohio Forest Tax Law)

Ohio Department of Taxation

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