Probate Forms

Miscellaneous Forms:

Applicant Information
Application to Admit Foreign Records
Application to Extend Time
Application for Transfer Motor Vehicle
Certificate of Service of Notice
Certificate of Transfer Filing Information
Consent & Release
Fiduciary Acceptance – Estate
Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency
Media Request Form
Name Change – Adult Packet
Name Change – Minor Packet
Newly Discovered Assets
Records Request
Request for Service by Email
Report of Distribution – Release
Will Filed for Record Only Application

Standard forms available from Ohio Supreme Court:

Decedent’s Estate Forms (Forms 1.0 – 13.10)
Wrongful Death Forms (Forms 14.0 – 14.3)
Guardianship Forms (Forms 15.0 – 17.7)  (See “Guardianship” page for county-specific forms)
Adoption Forms (Forms 18.0 – 19.1)
Change of Name Forms (Forms 21.0 – 21.5) (See “Miscellaneous Forms” above for county-specific packets)
Minor Settlement Forms (Forms 22.0 – 22.4)   (See “Minor Settlement” page for county-specific forms)
Protective Services Series (Forms 23.0-23.4 & 23.6-23.7)
Insolvency Series (Forms 24.0 – 24.6)
Disinterment Application Forms (Forms 25.0 – 25.6)
Personal Identifiers (Form 45(D))
Forms NOT available through the Supreme Court of Ohio