Family Drug Court

Family Drug Courts attempt to break the cycle of substance abuse in families by treating drug and alcohol addicted families who face the loss or restriction of their parental rights. The ultimate goal of the court is maintaining family unity.

Coshocton County Family Drug Court is a 9-12 month program aimed at returning children to their parents by intervening in drug and alcohol use through intense supervision and participation in recovery services. When a family comes before the Juvenile Court, a referral of the family will be made by the Children Services Case Manager to the Drug Court Coordinator. If an evaluation of the case indicates that this family would benefit from the Drug Court Program, then a referral for an assessment is made to Allwell Behavioral Health. A recommendation will then be sent to the Court. If a family accepts the Drug Court program, this demonstrates their willingness to accept all help in reuniting their family. 

Depending on a participant’s progress the child(ren) may be returned during that time with a disposition of Protective Supervision to the Department of Job and Family Services. The speed at which this occurs varies depending on progress in treatment and compliance with Family Dependency Treatment Court rules and regulations.

The Coshocton County Family Drug Court began through collaboration between the Court and the Department of Job and Family Services. Currently, the program has a target of five to ten families to serve with the capacity to grow as needed. Participants in the Drug Court Program are required to appear before the judge anywhere from weekly to monthly, depending on their phase, at which time the judge reviews the progress or lack of progress of the participant. Intensive counseling with Allwell Behavioral Health and monitoring by the case manager will occur. At the end of the program, and if the participant has successfully fulfilled the terms of the program, he/she will receive a graduation certificate and a graduation ceremony will take place.