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Child Support

The Child Support Worksheet is no longer available on this website, however the Ohio Child Support Calculator may provide assistance in determining factors that could impact your support order. 
The Coshocton County Department of Job & Family Services and the Court cannot provide assistance in completing said calculator.
The purpose of a Child Support Worksheet or Calculator is to determine the amount of financial support to be paid by a Non-Residential Parent to a Residential Parent (or Caretaker) for the care of their child(ren).
For specific questions regarding completing a Child Support Worksheet or Calculator for Support Determination, it is recommended that you consult a private attorney. Accurate information regarding income and assets is required in order for an appropriate determination of support to be made.
Neither the Court nor the Coshocton County Department of Job & Family Services shall be responsible for any error that could result from misrepresentation for the wording provided in ORC 3119.022.

Notice of Objection to CSEA Motion to Reinstate Child Support

Pro Se Forms

Parenting Proceeding Affidavit (Child Custody Affidavit)

Financial Disclosure Form ($25.00 application fee due upon filing.)

Grandparent Power of Attorney (No File Fee)