Documents Currently Accepted for E-filing: Probate Guardianship Documents and Guardian Ad Litem Reports- See Comprehensive List Below 

Setting up your e-filing account in 3 easy steps:

  1. Please visit: https://efile.henschen.com (opens in a new window) and register for an account;
  2. Upon registering, a verification link will be e-mailed, when clicked, the link will activate your account;
  3. Once your account is activated, you can begin filing.

How to file (after initial setup):

  1. The document(s) you have created and wish to file need to be in saved PDF format. 
  2. Click “File Documents” and select the Coshocton County Probate Court or Coshocton County Juvenile Court;
  3. Then select the form(s) that represent the document(s) you wish to file;
  4. You will then need to provide any additional information requested for the form(s) selected;
  5. Next search for and select the case you wish to file the document on;
  6. Then upload the documents to file and then identify them with the forms selected earlier;
  7. Finally, pay any filing fees necessary. 
  8. Once fees are paid, the filing along with the documents are sent to the Court for review and submission.

Special Information:

  1. Please note that since Guardian Ad Litem Reports may be filed in several case types, you must select the case type in the menu when filing your reports:

Probate Cases:                                                       Juvenile Cases:

Select PROBATE COURT                                     Select JUVENILE COURT

Then select: Guardian Ad Litem Report           Then Select One of the following under Guardian Ad                                                                                         Litem Report:

                                                                                    “Abuse/ Neglect / Dependency” (JFS Cases)


                                                                                                   “Adult”   (Custody Cases)


                                                                                    “Delinquent / Unruly” (Probation/ Juv. Cases)

Probate documents accepted by


Guardianship:   Minor Settlement:
Guardian’s Inventory   Applicant Information Form
Waiver of Notice of Hearing on Inventory   OHLEG Consent & Release Form
Certificate of Service of Notice of Hearing on Inventory   Authorization for Determination of Criminal Behavior
Application to Release Funds   Entry Approving Settlement of a Minor’s Claim
Application to Expend Funds   Verification of Receipt and Deposit
Guardian’s Account   Report of Distribution and Entry Minor’s Claim
Waiver of Notice of Hearing on Account   Application to Expend
Certificate of Service of Notice of Hearing on Account   Narrative; Statement in Support of Claim
Guardian’s Report   Motion to Continue
Annual Plan – Estate   Motion to Approve Contract of Representation
Annual Plan – Person   Motion to Accept Medical Record and Testimony in Lieu of Physician’s Statement
Notification of Compliance with Guardian Education Requirements   Physician’s Statement
Notice of/Application for Change of Address   GAL Report and Recommendation
Application to Terminate Guardianship   Structured Settlement documentation
Application to Extend Time   Medical Records
Applicant Information Form   Signed Statement from Independent Professionals Specifying the Present Value of the Settlement and Statement by the Annuity Carrier
OHLEG Consent & Release Form   Confidential Personal Identifier
Authorization for Determination of Criminal Behavior   Settlement Agreement and Release