Guardianship of a Minor

Minor guardianships are court-supervised procedures which permit a grandparent or other concerned individual to become a child’s guardian. The court may appoint a guardian for a person under the age of eighteen years, who is need of an adult, other than the parents, to make legal decisions for the care of a minor. Applicants must be screened for suitability, but once established, the guardianship ends only upon the child’s reaching eighteen years of age, or if the court determines that the need for guardianship has ended.

A guardian of a minor must protect and control the ward, use the ward’s estate to provide suitable maintenance and education for the ward, and obey the orders of the probate court concerning the guardianship. The court must approve all payments made from the ward’s estate for the support, maintenance, and education of the ward.

The guardian of a minor may authorize medical, health, or other professional care for the ward unless the ward or an interested party objects to the court or the court orders otherwise.

A guardian of a minor is responsible for “control of such child and shall have the power to exercise parental control and authority over such child.” Revised Code Section 2151.411 describes the circumstances under with a guardian is liable for the acts of a delinquent child, including when the guardian must file a bond.

A minor ward must attend school in the school district where the guardian resides. However, a guardianship WILL NOT be granted for school purposes only.

Filing Fee: $250.00

Minor Guardianship forms:

15.0 Next of Kin of Proposed Ward

15.1 Waiver and Consent

15.2 Fiduciary’s Acceptance

Authorization for Determination of Criminal Behavior

Consent & Release Form

Applicant Information Form

15.3 Guardian’s Bond

15.5 Guardians Inventory

Application to Extend Time

15.6 Application to Release Funds

15.7 Application to Expend Funds

15.8 Guardians Account

15.81 Bank Certificate

16.0 Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor

16.1 Affidavit

16.2 Selection of Guardian by Minor over Fourteen Years of Age

27.9 Application to Terminate Guardianship

66.05 Affidavit of Guardian Applicant

Waiver to Terminate Guardianship

Certificate of Service of Notice of Hearing