Coshocton County Auditor Christine Sycks announced the completion of property revaluations for the county-wide reappraisal and will be sending notices to homeowners and property owners at the end of next week.  Every taxpayer with a good mailing address on file should be receiving an envelope marked with “2021 REAPPRAISAL VALUE NOTIFICATION ENCLOSED”.  All property records are now available for public inspection.  Any person can view his or her new values in our office or online at  

Ohio Law requires all properties to be appraised once every six years in order for the taxes to be shared fairly and equitably among all citizens.  The reappraisal team that performed this task will be available for informal reviews, either by phone or walk-ins at the County Auditor’s Office (349 Main Street, Coshocton (740) 622-1243) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the week of September 20th, and on Tuesday and Thursday the week of September 27th.  For your convenience, a limited number of evening appointments will be available until 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, September 22nd.  Please call anytime during regular office hours to reserve an evening appointment.  Informal complaints will be considered and adjustments made, if warranted.  This process is an effort to help all property owners who have questions about their valuation or seek record correction if they believe errors have been made.  The staff will not be able to estimate new taxes in this process and are only addressing values as 2021 tax rates are not yet available for calculation.

Some of the questions to consider are:

  • Would you sell your home for the current appraised value of the property?
  • Did we miss something when your home was reviewed that might change your valuation?

The County Auditor also explained the appeals process to help property owners with any questions or concerns about their valuation. “Property owners can appeal to us informally or formally,” said Sycks. “The informal reviews in September allow you to meet with the appraiser and correct any mistakes or raise any questions.  Property owners also have a formal appeal route that can serve their needs. Either avenue leads to fair play for property owners.”   The formal appeal period runs between the first of January and the end of March.  The appeal process only addresses the values.  The tax amount levied is not appealable because they have been approved by the voters.

“I want to continue my practice of making local government accountable, accessible and reliable,” Sycks continued.  “Our appeals process will treat property owners with professionalism, respect and fairness. Serving the public while complying with state laws is our job.”