Late Cancellations/No-Show Policy
Reservations must be cancelled by 3:30 p.m. on the preceding business day. Passengers will be considered a “no-show” if they fail to keep a scheduled trip. The second time a passenger is a no-show or a late cancel, they will be suspended from service for 30 days. Please check with the referring agency to see if there are additional stipulations for your program.

 Oxygen Policy

Passengers may travel with one portable oxygen tank not to exceed 29″ in height and are responsible for loading and securing. Drivers are not permitted to handle the oxygen.


Weather Policy
Drivers will not be permitted to begin a scheduled trip if the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office declares road conditions to be a Level II or Level III. Trips that are in progress will be completed, if they can be done safely. If drivers are not able to operate safely, trips may be delayed or cancelled. The Coordinated Transportation Agency will attempt to notify passengers affected by delays or cancellations. Drivers will resume their schedules once Coshocton County is placed under a Level I. Listen to your local radio station WTNS 99.3 for further details concerning the Coshocton County Coordinated Transportation Agency schedule.


Traveling with children
• An approved adult must be at home when a child or an adolescent is picked-up or dropped-off.
• If a child needs assistance, the parent or guardian must be available to help the child on and off the vehicle.

• Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
• Our driver’s first priority is safe travel for all passengers. As such, CCCTA maintains a child restraint policy that mirrors Ohio Revised Code Law.
• Passengers must provide a booster or car seat for children who are required by law to be in a safety seat. According to Ohio law, infants and children under 4 or weighing less that 40 pounds must ride in a carseat. Children under 8 years old must ride in a booster seat unless the child is 4’9 or taller. The accompanying adult is responsible for fitting the child in the safety seat in the CCCTA vehicle.

Frequently Asked Question:

Why doesn’t CCCTA provide the car seat? Why can’t we use the built in seats in the vehicle?

Answer: CCCTA wants to make sure that each child has access to a car seat when the agency is not transporting the child. Further, if a driver must stop driving in the middle of a schedule, CCCTA may need to send office staff or a substitute driver to complete transportation requests. It is likely that people who do typically drive would not be equipped with a car seat

If you need assistance obtaining a car seat, please contact our office. There are opportunities to receive properly fitted car seats for children at no or low costs to parents. We will be happy to try to assist in obtaining a proper car seat.