Since 1993, the Ohio General Assembly has passed numerous state laws requiring background checks for certain occupations including individuals who work with children, those who work with the elderly, certain licensed professionals and persons working in the financial industry. Using WebCheck, agencies can electronically capture and transfer complete, accurate information including fingerprint images and textual data, and results are generally available within two business days or less.

The Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office processes WebCheck requests by mail-to transactions, where the requesting agency or individual receives the results of the background check directly. If no criminal history match is found, the employing agency will receive the results of their background check requests within two business days. If there is a criminal history match, the program will indicate that the results will be mailed. Mailed results will be received by the agency in seven to 10 business days. No criminal history information is sent via the Internet.

For more information concerning WebCheck please visit the Ohio Attorney General’s web site at

  • BCI Check – $30.00 – This check covers only criminal history information in the State of Ohio and is normally used for people who have lived in the state for 5 years or more.
  • FBI Check – $35.00 – This check covers criminal history information in the United States and is normally used for people who have lived in the state for less than 5 years.
  • BCI / FBI Check – $60.00 – This is a combination of the two checks, which some agencies require.

Payment accepted – Cash, cashier’s check or money order

Hours – Monday – Friday 8 am-4:00 pm

The requesting agency should specify which check(s) are needed. You should verify this information with them prior to coming to the Sheriff’s Office. If you have any questions regarding the checks please contact our Records Bureau.