We are accepting applications. 

Posted: 7/19/2023

Position: Deputy – Road Patrol Division

Requirements: “The Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program” Certificate

General Statement of Duties: Under direction: Drives patrol car in assigned areas and to aid in preventing crime, enforce laws, and respond to calls (e.g., domestic disputes, accidents, burglaries, thefts, etc.); observes area to detect suspicious activity; assists citizens, checks businesses and homes, responds to alarms, answers complaints, makes arrests, transports prisoners, administers first aid, etc.; operates radio and communication equipment to transmit or receive information concerning suspects, motor vehicles, victims, incidents, arrests, complaints, etc.; conducts investigations,  prepares and maintains a variety of reports, appears in court and testifies as necessary; operates and maintains firearms and other law enforcement equipment. 

Enforces traffic laws, responds to and investigates traffic accidents, checks on suspicious vehicles; impound vehicles; provides traffic control as necessary and performs escort duties (e.g., funerals, parades, etc.). 

Posted: 7/19/2023

Position: Corrections Officer (Part-Time)

Requirements: Successful completion of the Ohio Basic Corrections Officer course as outlined in Ohio Revised Code 109:2-9-02. This course will be required of the new hire during their first year of employment.

Under general supervision, monitors behavior of county jail inmates; ensures jail security; dispenses food, medication and personal items; receives and places telephone calls regarding inmates; performs other duties as required.

Posted: Always open to Apllications 

Position: Auxiliary Deputy

Requirements: “The Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program” Certificate

Auxiliary Deputies are individuals who volunteers a minimum of 8 hours per month with the Sheriff’s Office. An auxiliary deputy must be certified as a Peace Officer through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission prior to appointment.  Individuals wishing to apply for the position of auxiliary deputy will be required to go through the same hiring process required of all staff.