There are two major factors that influence the amount of real estate taxes you pay :

    The value of your property as determined by the Coshocton County Auditor and,

    Tax levies, most of which are approved by the voters.

    REAL ESTATE TAX DISTRIBUTION FOR HALF YEAR – Indicates in dollars and cents how much each taxing authority receives of your half year tax payment. Most are voted levies.
    CAUV RECOUPMENT – half year amount of prior years’ taxes that have been recouped due to the removal of this land from the Current Agricultural Use Value program.
    SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS – half year amounts that are added to your taxes for charges such as ditch maintenance, lighting assessments, delinquent sewer/refuse fees.
    OWNER JAN.1 – name of the deed owner as of January 1, of the tax year.
    BOOK/PAGE – the volume and page number where your deed is recorded in the County Recorder’s office.
    TAXING DISTRICT – the township, corporation and school district where your property is located. To the right of the tax district appears the acreage or lot number.
    PROPERTY CLASS -agricultural (AGR), residential (RES), commercial (COM), exempt (ESM), industrial (IND), utility (UTL).
    PROPERTY ADDRESS – actual address of the property.
    PARCEL NUMBER – number that has been assigned to permanently identify your property.
    ASSESSED VALUES – 35% of market value of the land and 35% of the market value of all the buildings on the property.
    TOTAL MILLS – total millage for your taxing district. See the enclosed tax rate sheet for the breakdown of the millage.
    REDUCTION FACTOR – millage is reduced by this factor to lessen the impact of inflationary property values. The factor is calculated by the State, based on property values in your district.
    EFFECTIVE RATE – total millage adjusted by the reduction factor.
    CAUV SAVINGS – the amount of tax savings on this bill because of the CAUV (Current Agricultural Use Value) program. On farmland only.
    GROSS TAX – half year tax before any deductions. It is calculated by multiplying the Total Mills by the Total Assessed Value and dividing by two.
    REDUCTION – calculated by multiplying the Gross Tax by the Reduction Factor.
    SUBTOTAL – amount of half year tax after the tax reduction.
    10% ROLLBACK – State mandated reduction equal to 10% of the subtotal. The loss in this property tax revenue to the district is reimbursed by the State from Ohio Income Tax revenues.
    2.5% ROLLBACK – State mandated reduction applicable only to owner-occupied residential property. It is based on 2.5% of the value of the house and home site (up to one acre). The loss in this property tax revenue to the district is reimbursed by the State from Ohio Income Tax revenues.
    HOMESTEAD – reduction given to those who have applied and qualified for the Homestead Exemption. Eligibility requirements are listed on the enclosed tax rate sheet.
    NET R/E TAX – current net general tax due and recoupment, if applicable. Represents half year.
    SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS – the total of the 1st half charges listed in section “3” (see above).
    HALF YR – pay this amount if you wish to pay only one-half of your Real Estate Taxes. This is the amount that is now due.
    FULL YR – pay this amount if you wish to pay the full year of your Real Estate Taxes.

If you have any questions concerning the valuation or the calculation of your taxes, please call the County Auditor’s office at (740) 622-1243. If you have any questions in regard to payment of your taxes, please call the County Treasurer’s office at (740) 622-2731.