Your County Treasurer is willing to work with all taxpayers who make a good faith effort to remain current with taxes they have incurred since filing for bankruptcy. Understanding your property tax liability is vital to succeeding in your bankruptcy case.
If you are involved in an active bankruptcy case, the Coshocton County Treasurer wants you to know the following:

    You are responsible for all taxes not included in your bankruptcy case. In most cases, this means that you are responsible for all taxes you have incurred since the date you filed for bankruptcy.

    Unlike many other debts, taxes covered in a bankruptcy case will continue to accrue late penalties and interest. If the Treasurer’s office has filed a proof of claim for delinquent taxes in your bankruptcy case, you are responsible for paying off any late penalties or interest that accrues on the taxes included in your case.

    If you have surrendered your property as part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you will continue to receive all tax bills and statements in your name until a new owner assumes legal ownership of your former property. This is because Ohio law requires the Treasurer to mail semi-annual tax bills to the owner of record for all parcels located within Coshocton County. Your name continues as the owner name of record until someone else assumes legal ownership of the property.