What a great recycling year! 40% of the 12 county recycling trailer drop-off sites showed an increase in total pounds collected from 2016 to 2017. We appreciate your recycling efforts and hope to see an even larger increase in 2018. Thank YOU!

Please remember to place your recyclables in the trailer, not beside them, to help keep the site areas clean and litter free.  Please do not place trash in or near the recycling trailers.  If a trailer is full, call 740.575.4813.  Where’s your nearest recycling drop-off? Check the map!

Tips for a cleaner recycling stream:

  • Pack loose paper, envelopes, etc. in a brown paper bag to recycle instead of plastic grocery bags.
  • Paper, cardboard, plastic or aluminum foil soiled with food is not recyclable and can contaminate other recyclables.
  • Please do not put plastic bags in recycling drop-offs, they can contaminate other recyclables.
  • Plastic grocery bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, etc. can be recycled with your plastic grocery bags at participating local stores (for example Buehler’s and Wal-Mart).
Recycling Trailer Site 2016 Total in Pounds 2017 Total in Pounds
Bakersville 7,470 7,920
Canal Lewisville 54,890 62,590
Conesville 31,290 24,960
Fresno 1,300 3,280
Nellie 14,320 13,760
New Guilford 10,690 8,520
Plainfield 21,200 20,300
Tiverton 8,800 12,020
Tuscarawas Twp.- Cedar St. 2,200 7,040
Warsaw 81,670 65,680
West Carlisle 7,120 6,980
West Lafayette 118,180 97,330