CFLP Recycling Database“Where Can I Recycle?”  Interactive Coshocton County Map – many thanks to the Coshocton County GIS Office for developing this interactive map showing what can be recycled and where in Coshocton County!
CFLP Recycling Database: Four counties, lots of recycling opportunities!     (Updated August 2021)

Coshocton County Drop-off Bins

Please place recycling in bins, not on the ground. Please do not throw trash in recycling bins.

Coshocton County Drop-off Site Map

We have recycling bins at the following locations:

  • Bakersville (59469 CR 2, next to the Township Garage)
  • County Maintenance Bldg., 23220 SR 621 (near Canal Lewisville)
  • Conesville (508 Franklin Avenue, behind the Village Council Hall)
  • Fresno (near Township Garage off Township Road 1045)
  • Nellie (2nd Street, next to the Community Center)
  • New Guilford (32531 SR 541, Perry Township)
  • Plainfield (Corner of Maple Street/Park Avenue, near the picnic shelter)
  • Warsaw (River View Community Park, past the swimming pool, near the picnic shelters)
  • Tiverton (SR 206/ CR 20, Tiverton Township)
  • Tuscarawas Township (Cedar Street)

    Recycling bins are available 24/7 for your convenience.

  • West Carlisle (CR 80, Pike Township Hall)
  • West Lafayette (200 East Railroad Street)

What we take in “Mixed Recycling” Bins (Please, do not bag)

  • Newspaper, office paper, magazines, catalogues and brown paper bags and paperboard products (12-pack containers, cereal boxes, etc.). No food-stained items.
  • Steel cans – Please rinse all containers. It is not necessary to remove the labels.
  • Aluminum cans – Please rinse containers.
  • Plastic bottles #1-#2 – no plastic bags, no Styrofoam. Please rinse.
  • Brown and Clear Glass

Cardboard Only Bins– Cardboard only. Please remove any packing materials and flatten all boxes.

If you have any questions about our recycling program, or if a bin is full, please call us at  740.575.4813

Curbside in the City of Coshocton

The City of Coshocton and Kimble very much want to thank you for participating in the curbside recycling program. Recyclables will be collected on the same day of trash collection every week. The items will be taken to a recycling center to be processed and returned to market.

What is accepted:
Clear or colored glass
Plastic #1 through #2
Steel cans
Aluminum cans
We do not accept anti-freeze or motor oil containers.
Questions? Call City Service Director Max Crown at 740.622.1465.

Tire Recycling

According to Ohio Law, you MUST have a tire hauler’s license to transport 10 or more tires. You can contract Campbell’s Scrap Tires, Central Ohio Contractors or another licensed hauler to handle large amount of tires. If you have a smaller number of tires, there are several local dealers who will accept your tires. Remember there is charge for disposing of tires, regardless of number of tires.

Small Number of Tires
Coshocton Tire
Where Located: 110 West Pine Street, Coshocton.
Call: 740.622.7993

Large Number of Tires
Campbell’s Scrap Tire
Where Located: 2485 Maysville Pike, Zanesville, Ohio
Call: 740.849.2230

Liberty Tire
Where Located: 3041 Jackson Pike, Grove City, Ohio
Call: 614.871.8097

Other Recycling Opportunities

CFLP Recycling Database: Four counties, lots of recycling opportunities!     (Updated March 2024)

Coshocton Recycling, Inc.
Where located:
47359 County Road 496 (off of CR 1A)
What they take: Will buy used and junk vehicles junk, scrap iron & metals, dismantled used auto parts, copper, brass, aluminum, steel
Hours: Open Mon-Fri 8-4:30,Sat 8-12,  Questions? Call 740.622.6276

Lity’s Scrap Yard
Where located:
23820 CR 621 (behind ODOT post near Canal Lewisville) Coshocton, OH 43812
What they take: Will buy aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, scrap iron and metals, batteries, cars, appliances
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30, Sat 8 -12
Questions? Call 740.622.6220


Used motor oil that is not contaminated with other liquids (such as water, antifreeze, etc.) may be returned to any of these local businesses free of charge for recycling:

Prince’s Wrecker Service – 134 North 5th Street, Coshocton, OH. Phone: 740.622.3916
Coshocton County Engineer’s Office- 23194 County Road 621, Coshocton, OH. Phone: 740.622.2135 Open M-F, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.
Advance Auto Parts – 329 South 2nd Street, Coshocton, OH. Phone: 740.622.6008
Auto Zone – 340 South 2nd Street, Coshocton, OH. Phone: 740.622.0373


You can take old computers, all their peripherals (printers, etc.), and ink jet cartridges to Best Buy or Staples stores. There may be a charge for monitors.