Registry for Special Needs Residents

What is the Special Needs Registration?

The Special Needs Registration is a list of Coshocton County residents who will require assistance in an evacuation. The list is maintained by the Coshocton County Emergency Management Agency and is made available to first responders for service.

As a result of a DISASTER, you may be required to evacuate your residence.

A disaster is defined as “a situation caused by a natural disaster (snow, ice, flood, winter storm etc.) or a man-made disaster (chemical release, terrorist event, etc.) that affects the health and safety of residents”.

Who should register ?

If you would need physical assistance to evacuate, you or your care giver should complete the Registry Form. By completing this form, you will become registered in the Special Needs Registry maintained by Coshocton County Emergency Management Agency. Clink the link below and complete a Registry Form. What is my responsibility ?

  1. Registration does not eliminate the individual from taking steps to insure their personal preparedness, health and safety. Completion of this form does not promise evacuation assistance or obligate first responders to evacuation service. This information will be used in a best effort approach to ensure resident’s safety and comfort.
  2. When your condition or location change, it is your responsibility to advise EMA of the change by completing another copy of this form.
  3. By submitting this form, you are consenting to release this information to first responders, – Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Service, Public Health, County Officials and Emergency Management Agency. How do I add my name to the register ?

Click the following link and complete the form.

Special Needs Registration Form