The Coshocton SWCD coordinates an annual tree sale; order forms are available beginning in January and are generally due in the middle of March. If you would like to receive an order form in January for the 2019 sale, contact the office at (740)622-8087, ext. 4 or email

The following items are available year round:  Marking Flags are available for purchase; flags help with the visibility of the seedlings while they are small. The pink or white flags are 4” x 5” on a 30” wire and come in packs of 25 ($4), 50 ($5), and 100 ($8). Plantskydd Repellent ($20) will also be available; the box contains 1 pound of powder concentrate that will treat approximately 200-400 plants and helps prevent damage to seedlings from browsing deer, rabbits, and opossum. Tree Planting Bars are available for loan; a $40 cash deposit is required and will be refunded if the bar is returned within 14 days.