Soil Survey of Coshocton County Now Available

Click on the link below to see the NRCS web soil survey.

NRCS Web Soil Survey

A new digitized soil survey of Coshocton County that allows for easy access to information about soils and other natural and cultural resources is now available online or on compact disc. The online version works best with high speed internet connection, and the cd’s user friendly Geographic Information Systems software is compatible with most home or office computers.

The program, which will be particularly useful to farmers and developers, opens with a map of Coshocton County. Users can simply click on the data they would like to see, including aerial photography, roads, towns, slopes, drainage, soil types and crop yields. The program then redraws the map with the selected information.

“This tool gives a broad view of soil conditions for planning purposes,” said David Hanselmann, Chief of the ODNR Division of Soil & Water Conservation. “It is a land-use planning tool so development and farming can be done in a way that is environmentally responsible.”

Hanselmann added that in about a month, the Division plans to have soil survey information available in the same format for all 88 Ohio counties. So far this information is available for 86 counties.

Ohio’s soil digitizing project is part of a nationwide Soil Survey Geographic Database Initiative managed by the Natural Resource Conservation Service. NRCS, The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources, and ODNR are cooperating on the project with help from the Ohio Department of Transportation, U.S. Forest Service, county Soil and Water Conservation District, and other local agencies. Locally, Coshocton SWCD, Coshocton Foundation, Coshocton Port Authority, Coshocton County Commissioners, Coshocton Health Department and Coshocton County Regional Planning Commission have provided funding.

Coshocton County’s computerized soil survey information is certified.

To view and print Coshocton County Certified Soils information go to the Web Soil Survey website.

To receive a copy of the CD contact the Coshocton SWCD at (740) 622-8087, extension 4 or e-mail the office.

Thank You to the following for making Certified Soils available for Coshocton County:
Coshocton Foundation
Coshocton Port Authority
Coshocton County Commissioners
Coshocton Health Department
Coshocton County Regional Planning Commission
Coshocton Soil and Water Conservation District