Coshocton SWCD provides technical assistance through a cooperative working agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service.  All technical assistance provided by the Coshocton SWCD MUST follow USDA-NRCS standards and specifications.  If the landowner wishes to install the practice without following these guidelines, our assistance will be withdrawn immediately.

Coshocton SWCD and USDA-NRCS provide technical assistance for the construction of conservation practices with the following guidelines:

Technical Assistance will be provided for site evaluation, conservation planning, design of the engineering plan and on-site supervision of the construction only if USDA-NRCS Standards & Specifications are followed.

What we DO
Assistance is provided for:
           •  Site evaluations.
           •  Conservation plan development.
           •  Engineering assistance- including plan and design.
•  Technical assistance provided at site:
           •  Provide technical assistance during construction.
           •  Answer questions about the construction of the practice.
           •  Materials- MUST meet USDA-NRCS specifications.
           •  USDA-NRCS standards and specifications MUST be followed.  
           •  Pre-construction meetings to review with landowner and contractor.
           •  Any changes to plan- needs to be approved by person with the proper
                job approval authority.
          •  All USDA-NRCS safety requirements must be followed and met.
          •  OUPS MUST be called 48 hours prior to digging, at 1-800-362-2764.
          •  Ohio Oil & Gas Association MUST be called 48 hours prior to digging, at
•  Assistance for the installation of tile drainage:
          •  Site review and soils information.

What we DON’T do
•  Assist with projects that DO NOT follow USDA-NRCS standards and

•  We DO NOT operate equipment for the contractor.
•  We DO NOT supply the labor to install the practice.
•  We DO NOT provide assistance with construction of any practice without an
     approved conservation and engineering plan.

•  We DO NOT provide assistance if the materials do not meet USDA-NRCS
     standards and specifications.

Failure to follow any guidelines will result in our withdrawal of technical assistance and could effect the eligibility of cost-sharing funds.

Coshocton SWCD Board of Supervisors have prioritized the workload of our technical staff and will follow the priorities as set by our stakeholders.  
Priorities are as follows:

Soils and Technical Assistance
•  Information on soil types and limitations for different uses- basements,
          septic tanks, roads, etc.

     •  Information about suitable crops, rotations for each kind of soil, and
          development of conservation plan.

     •  Information about manure application rates and development of
          comprehensive nutrient management plans to properly handle manure and
          commercial fertilizer.

     •  Assistance in designing, laying out, and supervising construction of
          conservation practices; for example, grassed waterways, diversions,
          contour strips, spring developments, structures, and animal manure
          storage facilities.

     •  Information about alternative land uses and treatments for controlling
          erosion and reducing sedimentation.

     •  Aerial and soil maps of Coshocton County.