Our sale is over for this year, but Licking SWCD still has some trees available! At the time of this post, these varieties were available:

American Hazelnut – single saplings
Black Willow:  single saplings; 5 & 25 packs
Eastern White Cedar:  5 & 25 packs
American Plums:  single saplings
Gray Dogwood:  single saplings
Bald Cypress:  5, 25 & 100 packs
Ohio Buckeye:  5, 25, 100 packs                                                                                                  Shingle Oak:  5, 25, 100 packs
Sugar Maple:  5, 25, 100 packs
White Oak:  5, 25, 100 packs

Contact their office for more information:  Licking SWCD Contact Info

Coshocton SWCD holds an annual tree seedling sale each year starting in February. The sale typically includes 12 to 15 varieties of trees and shrubs. Order forms are due in the middle of March with pick-up in the middle of April. We encourage customers to order early because there are a set number of seedlings available for the sale. All orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like receive an Order Form when they are available, please email samanthadaugherty@coshoctoncounty.net or call us at (740)622-8087 ext.4. Order Forms will also be available on our website, and there will be a link for online ordering.