Community Pet Food Bank: We supply a distressed pet owner food bank to those in need.You are not eligible for adoption if you are a recipient of this assistance. This food bank serves Coshocton county residents only. All of age animals in your home must be spayed or neutered to receive this assistance, ask us how we can help! If you are in need, visit the shelter Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 11-1pm.

“Help Me Home” Redemption Fee Assistance: County fee payments are required for canines who enter the dog kennel at time of exit. Pick up fee, board, and license if not current. HATA (us!) helps by getting canines home quickly—by paying the county fees for the owner(s) who can re-pay us later. We never want beloved pets to remain impounded away from family due to owners financial hardship. This assistance is provided case by case. If your dog is at the shelter, CALL US IMMEDIATELY. If picked up by a warden, all are brought here, but you must call their office for release. Don’t delay, costs and expenses increases everyday that they sit here waiting for you to claim.

Open Admission Cat Shelter: We accept all cats and kittens in need by daytime appointment Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We do not charge an acceptance fee or intake fee. Cats and kittens who enter as strays can be redeemed and to owners at no charge. No licensing laws in the state of Ohio apply to felines, although both are considered companion animals. Call us if you are missing your cat and please send photos to our email at or post to our Facebook page, COSHOCTON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER & HATA.

Surrender Prevention: If you are considering surrender of a stray that is not fixed or owned dog with behaviors, we are happy to assist you with options for low to no cost alteration to try curbing the issue and avoiding the surrender, prior to making that decision. We are happy to accept animals in need, also are happiest when we can assist with helping the animal safely remain in the area or home. 

Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance: Available case by case, please contact shelter directly to learn more. This program most often assists in covering the cost of office visits to veterinarian of choice, for the animal of concern, regarding urgent health matters. You are responsible for treatments, medications, extended care, and all testing and lab work costs beyond the initial office visit. Most veterinarians do not typically accept payment plans. Please understand that we cannot assist out of county individuals and our financial limitations for community members is also limited. Sadly, this assistance is not available for animals in need of parvovirus treaments or feline distemper treatments. Core vaccinations received properly and in a timely manner when puppies and kittens who are of age PREVENTS parvovirus and various severe illnesses. Call us for low cost options and contact your veterinarian to learn more about keeping your puppy or kitten healthy and safe from preventable diseases. If you adopted an animal from this shelter and it’s showing signs of illness, please call us right away.

Dog Tag/License sales: All 3 month and older canines must be registered with the state of Ohio per county and state law. Pick up your dog tag at the shelter or auditors office on Main street.

Transfer & Rescue Programming: Source sheltering is the future for rural dog pounds like ours! We are a small pound, and in order to keep dogs from being euthanized for space purposes, we rely heavily on rescue and transfer networks! Achieving an 86% live release rate in 2020. As a county dog pound and open admission shelter, we fill up weekly (often daily) with strays and unwanted pets. Our goal is to provide loving care to all animals received. This includes adequate shelter and comfort items, access to high quality food and fresh water 24/7, core vaccines, parasite treatments, and urgent veterinary care needs in addition to in shelter treatment needs. In our dog pound, canine strays are held the mandatory 72 hours required by state law. This hold is often extended by staff and our wardens as a courtesy to allow owners more time to claim, as space allows. If not claimed or an owner surrender (no holds required) we begin conducting in shelter behavior testing and assessing each adoptable animal. We then release for private adoption and rescue/transfer. During this time, we reach out to our core, wonderful, rescue/transfer partners. If the animals are not quickly adopted here, kennel stressed/high anxiety, or have medical needs beyond our resources—or simply if no more space available—we begin networking them for rescue/transfer pull. Short stays for shelter animals is our goal.

We research the following in reference to all transfer partners/approved rescues: adoption procedures, return policies, veterinary care protocol, social media accounts, websites, and establish contact with fellow coordinators for follow up access to CCAS/HATA alums. Our volunteers personally transport the animals to transfer partner facilities and all locations have been regularly visited.

Our rescue & transfer partners are incredibly helpful in many ways:

  • Overflow/overcrowding assistance

  • Non-emergency surgeries (spay/neuter)

  • Specialized services & veterinary care (staff veterinarians and large scale resource access)

  • Reduction of stress (a “full” dog pound & shelter is difficult on many levels for our dogs & our volunteers— mentally, emotionally, and physically)

  • More exposure for adoptable pets & potential matches

  • Increases in dog pound save rates (limited, constant goal of no space related euthanasia)

  • Accept all breeds, ages, and types (not breed specific or highly adoptable pull only)

  • Responsible Adoption Processes

  • 501c3 reputable organizations with established programs and community presence

Thousands of animals have benefited from this program to date. With the combined efforts of HATA & our transfer partners, this program helps move adoptable animals from the dog pound & cat shelter safely, quickly, & responsibly. We cultivate close relationships with partner coordinators, managers, and shelter directors. We know transferred animals will receive full veterinary care (spay, neuter, general & specialized medical care, heartworm testing, behavioral needs met) and are in the hands of the best of the best here in the state of Ohio. Thank you to all of our friends in rescue & at the APLs. We are proud to work alongside you in our caring for all animals! Bunnies, cats, and exotics received are also transferred out as needed for further care. Sadly, not all shelter dogs and cats that enter are eligible for private adoption or rescue/transfer. This includes owner surrender requested euthanasia, ferals, court ordered euthanasia, behavioral/bite history/aggression pattern euthanasia, illness, severe medical care needs and failure to thrive. Our staff & volunteers care equally for all animals who enter, no matter the circumstance. All felines who thrive in the shelter environment can reside permanently if private adoption does not present or if issues regarding behaviors prevent safe adoption. Sadly, canines benefit from these programs at a higher rate than felines. Intakes are far higher and placement is simply not as open or available. We have many resident cats here at the shelter. Our goal is to prevent the unnecessary suffering of unwanted animals. To learn more about the future of rescue and what it means to be a source shelter: 

To be added to our rescue or transfer partners or approved list, please send proof of 501c3, non profit status, and organization & policy information to