Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services

The animal shelter offers low cost cat spay and neuter services via traveling unit, Nomad Inc. $35.00 male cats and $65.00 female cats

Next Clinic: AUGUST, TBD 

Coshocton County, Rascal Unit:
We are NOT affiliated with the Coshocton County Humane Society which operates out of Tractor Supply in the plaza. They do however host monthly dog and cat units. Contact them via email, Facebook page or phone to learn more: https://www.rascalunit.com/spay-neuter.pml

Muskingum County, Rascal Unit and Columbus Dog Connection:
PAWS Muskingum and Kind Hands for Paws hosts monthly low cost clinics for both dogs and cats 
Contact for sign up, PAWS Muskingum https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100066768553054
Contact for sign up, Kind Hands for Paws https://kindhands4paws.com/

Feral Cat Special Rate, Tuscarawas and Coshocton County:
Dr.  Bliss-Barn Cat Rate for true feral cats
Newcomerstown, Ohio

Dog and Cat Low Cost Services Offered:

State of Ohio Low Cost Options, Canton Ohio

Most counties offer low cost services or units, call your local society or shelter/pound to find out about spay and neuter assistance and opportunities in your community. No excuses, low cost options are everywhere! Help end overpopulation and euthanasia of unwanted animals.

Community Pet Food Bank: We supply a distressed pet owner food bank, as donations allow, to those in need. Coshocton County residents who are actively reducing litters by utilizing our spay and neuter programming are permitted to obtain pet food from this bank, Thursdays 11-1pm.

Open Admission Cat Shelter: We accept all cats and kittens in need Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 11-1pm. We do not charge an acceptance or intake fee. Donations are appreciated. We are NOT a no kill cat shelter. We euthanize for space due to volume received each year. We proudly celebrate nearly 400 cat and kitten adoptions in 2022. 

Dog Pound Owner Surrender Acceptance:
COSHOCTON COUNTY Dogs and puppies accepted at the $25.00 county required intake fee. 
OUT OF COUNTY DOGS: Due to years of dogs being shoved off onto our little shelter, while other county pounds remain “no kill” by limiting intakes, we have recently changed our owner surrender policy. We offer humane euthanasia to out of county residents at the $50.00 required surrender fee, but we also attempt to connect you to resources like private rescues as able. We reserve the right to assist owner surrender dogs from out of county at our sole discretion. Contact your local pound and society for help, all dog pounds are required to accept stray dogs. 

Important to note: Once you surrender an animal here, you release your rights to the animal(s), and they are our property when they enter into our care. We do not release adopter private information to previous owners. We do not hold animals for extended timeline periods and we sadly cannot board animals for owners. This is a dog pound and open admittance cat shelter. We simply do not have the space or resources to meet those expectations. When surrendering a canine or feline here you are acting as owner, guardian, or harborer of that pet at drop off and releasing them to this shelter. We are not able to provide “updates” to previous owners. We serve thousands of animals each year.

Please never transport animals loose in your car to our shelter. Please safely confine for drop off.  Dog and puppy intakes by appointment only. The dog wardens office can be reached at 740-295-0026 for Coshocton county stray dogs. Cat and kitten open intakes, Mondays-Tuesdays-Thursdays 11-1pm. Donations are deeply appreciated. We are NOT a no kill cat shelter.

Dog Tag/License sales: All 3 month and older canines must be registered with the state of Ohio, per county and state law. Pick up your dog tag at the shelter or auditors office on Main street. $15.00 license fee applies to new dogs just adopted, $30.00 late fee for all tags with penalty.

Transfer & Rescue Programming: Source sheltering is the future for rural dog pounds like ours! We are a small pound, and in order to keep dogs from being euthanized for space purposes, we rely heavily on rescue and transfer networks!  Short stays for shelter animals is our goal. Our volunteers personally transport the animals to transfer partner facilities and all locations have been regularly visited. Not all intakes are able to be safely placed, rescued or adopted. We proudly celebrate an 88% live release rate from our dog pound in 2022. Thousands of animals have benefited from this program to date. With the combined efforts of HATA & our transfer partners, this program helps move adoptable animals from the dog pound & cat shelter safely, quickly, & responsibly. We cultivate close relationships with partner coordinators, managers, and shelter directors. We know transferred animals will receive full veterinary care (spay, neuter, general & specialized medical care, heartworm testing, behavioral needs met) and are in the hands of the best of the best here in the state of Ohio. Thank you to all of our friends in rescue & at the APLs. https://www.animalsheltering.org/blog/transporting-future 

To be added to our rescue or transfer partners or approved list, please send proof of 501c3, non profit status, and organization & policy information to hataofccas@yahoo.com.