Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services

Voucher Assistance Program: 
We assist at local vets offices, case by case, with voucher assistance and sponsorship—but low cost clinics are significantly cheaper and assistance varies as our budget allows. Visit shelter during office hours for voucher assistance to local vets. Periodically, we bring in low cost units for cats, those dates and sign ups are posted here and on our Facebook page.

The Coshocton County Humane Society (separate entirely from this shelter and not connected to us in *any* way!) hosts MONTHLY low cost Rascal Unit for dogs and cats. Follow them on Facebook for sign up opportunities. 740-575-5829

Rascal Unit visits many counties: 

PAWS of Muskingum, located in Zanesville, hosts monthly & weekly low cost clinics for both dogs and cats, call 740-221-7278 or visit their Facebook page: 

Feral Cat Special Rate, Tuscarawas and Coshocton County:
Dr.  Bliss-Barn Cat Rate for *true* feral or wild cats, must be trapped. 330-663-1935, Newcomerstown

Humble Creatures, Stark County: https://www.humblecreaturesvet.com

Dog and Cat Low Cost Services, traveling clinic: 

State of Ohio Low Cost Options:

Most counties offer low cost services or units, call your local society or shelter/pound to find out about spay and neuter assistance and opportunities in your community. No excuses, low cost options are everywhere! Help end overpopulation and euthanasia of unwanted animals.

Dog Pound & Redemptions to Owners: Call to claim your dog at anytime, 740-622-9741 and if a warden transported, 740-295-0026 for required license check. Have a current, 2024 dog tag on your dog to avoid higher fees and citations! If a warden picked up your dog and it is not currently tagged for 2024, this will require you meet with that office prior to shelter release. We meet owners Monday-Friday to get dogs home quickly. Cats are redeemed at no charge, we often sponsor neuter and spay for the unaltered as well. You must provide photo proof of your pet however to claim. If the cat has been put up for adoption, and extensive time has passed, you may be required to adopt the cat back. 

Community Pet Food Bank: Last Thursday of each month at 11am until supplies out. 

Open Admission Cat Shelter: We accept all in & out of county cats and kittens by donation Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 11-1pm.  We are NOT a no kill shelter. We accept out of county cats, but prioritize our own county first. We do euthanize for space in the cat shelter, due to volume received each year/lack of responsibility of owners who allow overpopulation, and the failed policies of every no kill society that surrounds us in regards to overpopulation issues. If you are not comfortable with the prospect of humane euthanasia, please call & wait for your no kill shelter or society to help you.

Dog Surrenders: 
Coshocton County Owner Surrenders accepted by appointment. $25.00 county required intake fee due at drop off, must call to schedule. A drivers license for the surrender is required. 

We reserve the right to assist, deny or waitlist owner surrender dogs or cats at our sole discretion. Commonly, this is due to space concerns and we may ask you wait a couple days. We never turn away, but we appreciate owners being understanding about our options at the time of drop off request. Out of county can contact local pound and society for help, all dog pounds are required to accept stray dogs. Coshocton county, please also reachout to the local “no kill” society for help if you wish, 740-575-5829. 

Important to note: Once you have surrendered an animal here, or if someone else surrenders the animal here, you and they are released from your rights to the animal(s), and they are our property when they enter into our care unless wearing a 2024 dog tag to current harborer and keeper of that canine. We do not release adopter private information to previous owners and we are not required to provide you with outcome information of that animal. We do work tirelessly to update our Facebook page with successful outcome updates. We do not hold animals for extended timeline periods, nor are we required unless a stray dog under 72 hour stray hold, and we sadly cannot board animals for owners. This is a dog pound and open admittance cat shelter. We simply do not have the space or resources to meet those expectations. When surrendering a canine or feline here you are acting as owner, guardian, or harborer of that pet at drop off and releasing them to this shelter. We serve thousands of animals each year.

Please never transport animals loose in your car to our shelter. Please safely confine for drop off.  

Dog Tag/License sales: 2024 tags on sale for Coshocton County residents only. All 3 month and older canines must be registered with the state of Ohio, per county and state law. $15.00 license fee applies to new dogs just adopted, $30.00 late fee for all tags with penalty. Having a license as required current and displayed on your dog, saves money and time when redeeming a dog from this county pound should he/she be found at large. Containment is your responsibility. 

Transfer & Rescue Programming: Source sheltering is a LIFESAVER for rural dog pounds and open admit cat shelters like ours! We are a small pound, and in order to keep cats and dogs from being euthanized for space purposes, we rely heavily on rescue and transfer networks!  Short stays for shelter animals is our goal. Our volunteers personally transport the animals to transfer partner facilities and all locations have been regularly visited. Not all intakes are able to be safely placed, rescued or adopted. Thousands of animals have benefited from this program to date. https://www.animalsheltering.org/blog/transporting-future 

To be added to our rescue or transfer partners or approved list, please send proof of 501c3, non profit status, and organization & policy information to hataofccas@yahoo.com.

Cruelty & Neglect Reporting:
Please report all cruelty & neglect to the animal shelter, 740-622-9741. Physical address of the animal(s) of concern required.

If known please include: Owner name, type of animal(s), nature of concern, duration and nature of concern witnessed also helpful & appreciated. If a violent crime is being committed, call 911.

Please understand, our first action is to make contact, conduct a wellness visit, and help educate and assist the owners. Our humane agent and team however are also prepared and trained to bring about charges, conduct cruelty investigations, and seek justice with the help of local law enforcement as required. 

Please note, it is not illegal in the county of Coshocton County to tether dogs outdoors. Adequate shelter from the cold and heat must be provided. Adequate supplies of food and water also required. Any animal deprived of shelter, food, or water for 15 consecutive hours (documented and witnessed) must be reported immediately. 

The proper channels of reporting include first filing as complainant by contacting 740-622-9741 directly. Include the physical address of animals of concern.

Your name will not be given to the individuals you are reporting, however, it is often not difficult for individuals to determine who has turned them in. Should a case file follow and statements be required for criminal charges, anonymity is not an option. You may file anonymous complaints at any time, however your witness statement may be required following that complaint and initial visit if further action requires it.

The laws in Ohio regarding humane, neglect, and cruelty continue to need improved upon. Particularly laws pertaining to livestock, which are extremely limited.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture can be contacted with concerns related to puppy mill or suspected puppy mill operations. We cannot assist you in failed purchases or issues surrounding illness you have experienced after a bad animal buy. We cannot and do not have jurisdiction on matters outside of Coshocton County. 

If you report cruelty or neglect to the recently formed “Coshocton County Humane Society”, we do not receive copies or notifications of those complaints nor do we have direct contact regarding the results of your complaint. Here at the shelter, we are happy to provide straw and extra food for cats, dogs, and small outdoor dwelling animals. We have dog houses available as supplies allow. Contact us if you are in need of additional help during extreme weather changes.

To learn more about the recent Goddards Law and Ohio laws regarding animal neglect & cruelty, https://animallawcoalition.com/ohios-goddards-law/

Please note that we are not affiliated in any way, nor do we receive support from, the recently formed “Coshocton County Humane Society”. We have the only active humane agent serving Coshocton County.