Adoption Process 

Thank you for your interest in adoption and/or fostering from the Coshocton County Animal Shelter. Please complete the below required form(s) if you are interested in an adoptable animal or fostering one in need. Adoptions are conducted by appointment only, for a specific animal of interest, due to Covid19. This is a volunteer based shelter, please allow 72 hours for veterinary reference check, follow up phone interview, and appointment scheduling. Always call to follow up on your inquiry form if you are interested in an animal posted. 

To submit:

•Email completed form to (take a photo of printed and completed form, complete as a word document and email, answer all questions in a Q & A format in email, markup using smartphone, or mail/drop off to shelter location M-Tu-Th 11-1pm) 
•Mail to or drop off at shelter location:
Coshocton Co. Animal Shelter & HATA located at 21755  TR 164 Coshocton, Ohio 43812 
Adoption Inquiry Form 
Foster Application

Adoption Considerations

Adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment. Many wonderful animals enter our shelter and we would love for you to meet them, but please take this decision to be the serious commitment that it is. You must be prepared for house-training and dealing with normal behavior problems like chewing, barking, digging, etc. Please be sure that you have considered the financial and emotional commitment required in having a pet.

As an open admission shelter, not all of our animals are available for adoption, we receive animals of all backgrounds and circumstances. You’ll sometimes see that an animal is deemed “rescue or transfer only.” This means you can’t adopt the dog or cat directly from this shelter due to medical or behavioral needs.

All adoptable animals receive initial core vaccinations, flea/tick/worming parasite treatments, spay/neuter alteration, and license (dog) tag. Our contract requires that you make an appointment to see your veterinarian after you take your new animal home, for a complete and thorough physical examination, and continue with necessary care & vaccinations. Many enter with no vetting history, and receive startup care for the first time here. Our animals are to return to this shelter should any changes or issues occur with the adoption. We always want our adopters to contact us immediately should any issues arise.

Adoption Fees

$150.00 Dog & Puppy Adoption Fee includes:
•5 way canine core vaccinations administered at intake and puppy boosters 
•Spay/Neuter surgery 
•Flea/tick treatment, de-wormer started at intake 
•Rabies vaccination when of age 
•County required service fee $10.00
•Current 2021 year dog license required, received prior to exiting shelter

$20.00 Cat & Kitten Adoption Fee includes: 
•4 way feline core vaccinations and kitten boosters 
•Spay/Neuter surgery 
•Flea/tick treatment, de-wormer started at intake
•Rabies vaccination when of age 

Daily feeding, cleaning care expenses, and other various costs also blanketed under these fees. We do not profit from our fees, and actually spend our own funding to responsibly adopt at a modest fee. The fees paid barely cover the cost of the vaccinations & parasite costs, and we also alter them and provide additional vetting, anywhere from $80.00-$300.00+. We believe in responsible adoption processes, and put a great deal of resources, time, and love into our shelter animals. 

Important to Know 

Please keep in mind the status of an animal can change quickly (most often an owner claims/redeems, other application submissions result in quick adoption, or exit via rescue/transfer networking) It is imperative to have the inquiry form turned into volunteers quickly to be considered for future or current pets, and that you follow up when an animal of interest is posted. Any questions or concerns can be directed to 740-622-9741. Please watch our Facebook page for adoptable pets. Thank you for your interest in adoption!

Please note we do not always know what kind of home environment our animals were living in (kids, dogs or cats) nor do we know if they are house trained unless owner states this at surrender. We do our best to observe in kennel and litter box habits. A majority of what we know is based on our observations while they are in our shelter. We recommend all animals receive a fair adjustment period from shelter to new home life. New cats should be kept in a small side room with food, water, and litter while adjusting to sounds, smells, and other pets/family members. Puppies or young adults should receive multiple daily potty breaks, and we encourage safe kennel and exercise times be decided upon prior to coming home. Puppy pads are also helpful in training stages.