Shelter volunteers are available by appointment only at this time, due to the Covid19 pandemic. We are on site daily caring for and receiving new animals in need, returning pets to owners, and finding new loving homes via private adoptions. Please always leave a voicemail at 740-622-9741 if you are in need of assistance. Volunteers will get back with you promptly. This is a volunteer operated shelter. We are not affiliated in any way with the “Coshocton County Humane Society”. We operate the animal shelter for both dogs, cats, and other domestics/farm animals in need. We are located on Morgan Run Road. We have operated the animal shelter and “dog pound” for over 50 years.

Our volunteers are a group of dedicated individuals who spend 7 days a week caring for the animals and individuals that we serve. We deeply appreciate your support as we continue to provide an open admission environment for animals in need. Our 501c3 nonprofit provides services to owned pets, strays, individuals in need of pet food, spay and neuter & affordable pet care services, and veterinary care assistance case by case.

Owner Surrenders: Owner Surrendered animals are accepted at our shelter, by appointment. Canines enter the dog pound at the required $25.00 county surrender fee. We are one of the only pounds left in the state of Ohio who accept owner surrendered canines. Please contact us to discuss the surrender and to setup a drop off time. The dog wardens can assist with stray dogs and owner surrender canines within Coshocton County, 740-295-0026. We do not admit stray dogs from outside of this county. Do not transport found dogs away from the county found, turn them into the pound where you found them to help in reunification! We are an open admission cat shelter, admitting all cats and kittens in need, again one of the only remaining in the state. Stray and owner surrendered cats and kittens are admitted by appointment at no fee. Donations are appreciated.

2021 Dog License Sales: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 11-1pm, conducted in the parking lot and curbside. No entry into building permitted. Please utilize the by mail option via the Auditors office or online if you are able, due to the Covid19 pandemic. All canines 3 months of age or older must be registered in the state of Ohio.

Pet Food Bank Assistance: Thanks to generous donors and support, we provide a weekly pet food bank to those in need. The brown and gray shed located across from the kennels is stocked as items are available. Visit 10-6pm M-F.

Spay and Neuter Voucher Program: $40.00 off any spay and neuter service via a local, Coshocton County, veterinarian. Make your appointment with your preferred veterinarian, contact us at 740-622-9741 to apply the voucher to your bill. No income requirements. All Coshocton County veterinarians accept our voucher assistance and we fund hundreds of spays and neuters each year. Thank you for being responsible! Call us to learn more about feral cat and barn cat rates, and how we can prevent a surrender by assisting you with low cost options and resources!

Adoptions: We update our Facebook page with adoptables weekly. If you wish to adopt from this shelter, please submit the required inquiry form. Thank you!
Email:, mail or drop off to 21755 TR 164, Coshocton.               

Donations: Items by mail delivery are easiest to receive at this time. Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to learn more about items used daily! 21755 TR 164, Coshocton. If you prefer a volunteer be present at drop off, please contact us to setup a specific date and time! Donations can also be safely left at our front door or back gate on kennels side, weather permitting. Paypal: is also an option, as well as donations by mail! Your check can be made payable to the Coshocton County Animal Shelter and/or Humane Animal Treatment Association (501c3). **We are not affiliated with nor do we receive support from the recently formed “Coshocton County Humane Society” which operates via a PO Box and has felines on display at Tractor Supply Co. in the plaza. Thank you for your support and generosity!