Thank you for your interest in learning more about our open admission, animal shelter. Our dedicated part time cleaners & volunteers are on site 7 days a week caring for and receiving new animals in need. Please always leave a voicemail at 740-622-9741 if you are in need of assistance. 

We are a rural animal shelter, volunteer based, part time staffed organization. We have office and intake hours weekly Monday-Tuesday-Thursday and 11-1pm, including those hours for dog tag sales, but are by appointment morning and evening for redemption to owners Mon-Fri. Adoptions are by appointment also. Please listen to our voicemail, browse our website & socials for day to day operations updates.

Our Director is an unpaid position and completely voluntary. We are a volunteer based organization, with only two part time paid cleaners. We are not county employees. The dog wardens are a separate office, we house those intakes here when they pick up and transport to our facility. 740-295-0026

We are located on Morgan Run Road, Coshocton County (Ohio). We have contracted with the county and have operated the animal shelter and “dog pound” for over 50 years. We are not affiliated in any way with the Coshocton County Humane Society in TSC. 

As an open admission cat shelter and county dog pound, we receive a high volume of animals in need. We are not a no-kill shelter. We operate the animal shelter for dogs, cats, and other various animals in need and serve both our county and surrounding area counties as space allows. 

What is an open admission like the Coshocton County Animal Shelter & HATA providing to Coshocton county?
Receiving animals in need in a responsible manner vs turning away thousands in need each year (serving your county fully and openly) so you are reducing strays, reducing hoarding, reducing neglect, and not encouraging unaltered creating more by saying no to the masses, while admitting the few
•Investing funding in surrender prevention: Fixing at low cost or with assistance programs funding provides, case by case veterinary intervention help, fix a mom dog, fix a mother cat when litter is dumped at facility unwanted
•Trap-Fix-Return for wanted cats
•Low Cost Spay & Neuter for wanted pets
•Humane euthanasia for the elderly, severely injured strays, case by case instances of illness, and lack of shelter or society admittance elsewhere which causes an animal to face abandonment or neglect 
•Assessing, providing care, and addressing of suffering with humane solutions  
•Providing adoptable animals care and vetting, utilizing parterning rescues and helpers to open space, creating & retaining strong foster relationships  
•Housing animals for limited periods, reducing stress by not sitting in cages for months and years…especially if behavior is a reason for surrender, observed, or decline and failure to thrive and adjust quickly is of concern