The Coshocton County Regional Planning Commission reviews property divisions for compliance with the Coshocton County Subdivision Regulations. In an effort to better service our community, the Coshocton County Regional Planning Commission serves as a “one stop shop” for property divisions.   In conjunction with the Regional Planning Commission review process, the property must have a completed review by the following Reviewing Agencies: Health Department, Access Management and the Soil and Water Conservation District.   The CCRPC will receive the reports associated with the property division from the Reviewing Agencies and consider those reports in the approval process.   All reports received and considered in the approval process will be provided to the applicant.   Tentative approval will be granted for the property division until the survey has been presented to the Planning Commission.   The Planning Commission will then review the survey and provide final approval, thus completing the property division review process.    The Coshocton County Planning Commission approval is valid for one year from the date of the tentative approval packet.

If you have questions regarding the property division process, please feel free to contact the Coshocton County Regional Planning Commission.

If you wish to check the status of a current application, please click below:

Property Division Review Log

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