DRIVEWAY ACCESS PERMITS:  This permit is required when installing or upgrading driveways on any county or township road. These permit fees are based on the type of driveway you are installing. Our office can assist you in determining how your driveway will be classified. Here are the fees by driveway type:
Driveway Upgrade No charge
Minimum Volume (access to agriculture lands, well drives, etc.) $25.00
Very Low Volume (provides access to farm buildings, and residence drives) $50.00
Low Volume (commercial drives) $100.00
Medium Volume (commercial drives) $200.00
High Volume (commercial drives) $500.00

Access Management Policy (Smart Growth)
Download Driveway Access Permit

RIGHT OF WAY PERMITS:  These permits are required by anyone wanting to do any type of improvements within the County road right of way. Our office also handles all township road right of way improvements for the Townships of Clark, Crawford, Monroe, Tiverton, Virginia, and White Eyes.  All others will be handled by the respective township trustees.

Residential $2.00
Other $10.00

Highway Use Manual
Download Right of Way Permit

FLOODPLAIN (SFHA) PERMITS:  A floodplain permit is required whenever any improvements are planned on any parcels of land which extend into the 100 year floodplain.

Floodplain permit $50.00

Floodplain Regulations
Floodplain Permit