Coshocton Co. EMS was founded in 1976 as 4 separate entities, Warsaw, Keene, Coshocton and West Lafayette.  On February 16, 1976, these 4 stations were brought together to become what is know as today as Coshocton Co. EMS (CCEMS).

Today, CCEMS has 4 stations located in Coshocton (2), Warsaw and West Lafayette.  These stations are staffed 24/7 by a crew, usually consisting of a Paramedic and an EMT.  We staff 4-5 crews each day and night.

CCEMS is the sole 911 Emergency Medical Provider for Coshocton County.  We cover 564 square miles and run approximately 6,400 calls per year.  CCEMS currently employs 61 full-time and part-time EMT’s and Paramedics.