Help your pets return home quickly!

Purchase a current license/dog tag in addition to ID with phone number & display on collar.

Microchip your pets & update info.

Purchase break away collars with your phone number written on it for cats.

Contact the shelter right away to report lost and found animals! 740-622-9741

If you find an animal you believe is a stray, or are missing a beloved pet of your own—we recommend you contact the shelter, dog wardens, and post the lost or found animal on our, and surrounding county, Facebook pages. If local, please also report your missing pet to WTNS at 740-622-1560. Wearing a dog tag? Check out the online database for owner info or contact us so that we can connect the owner to you! 

When posting to our Facebook page please post your lost pets area missing from or area last seen, and any other important details about appearance, collar, traits & needs. Also contact our office staff directly with your contact info and lost pet report, 740-622-9741. The dog wardens can be reached at 740-295-0026.

Always contact & visit surrounding area pounds, shelters, societies and private groups to report as well. Posting on pages, contacting main offices, and posting flyers in nearby areas is all very important. Many lost pet pages on Facebook are also helpful throughout the state. 

Easy access reporting, create flyers, and more!