Shelter Office: Our office is open 10-3pm Monday-Friday unless otherwise posted. Closed weekends & holidays. Cat shelter open to public 1-3pm.

Contact the shelter at 740-622-9741 for assistance with humane & neglect related complaints, all lost & found animal reports, stray cats, owner surrendered pets, adoptions, programs & events. Shelter office open 10-3pm M-F. Closed weekends & holidays. Shelter Email: 

Dog Wardens Office: Please leave a message at 740-295-0026 regarding all stray canine pick ups, lost & found dog reports, dog(s) at large complaints, redemption information, fees, surrender pick up information, & licensing requirements. 

Please leave a detailed message via phone should no one be available at the time of your call. After hours & weekend adoption and redemption appointments available, contact above directly to schedule.  







Please note that we are not affiliated in any way, nor do we receive support from, the recently formed “Coshocton County Humane Society”, currently operating out of the Coshocton Tractor Supply Company store (TSC).