Please report all cruelty & neglect to our humane agent by contacting 740-622-9741. You may leave a message anonymously, physical address of animal(s) of concern must be included. Owner name, type of animal(s), nature of concern, duration and nature of concern witnessed also helpful. 

Please note, it is not illegal in the county of Coshocton County to tether dogs outdoors. Adequate shelter from the cold must be provided. Adequate supplies of food and water also required. Any animal deprived of shelter, food, or water for 15 consecutive hours (documented and witnessed) must be reported immediately. 

Our humane agent follows up on all complaints via wellness checks in a timely manner. Complaints are prioritized by most severe. We have the only active agent serving the county of Coshocton.

 We provide straw and extra food for cats, dogs, and bunnies to those in need. We also have dog houses available. Contact us if you are in need of additional help this winter. To learn more about the recent Goddards Law and Ohio laws regarding animal neglect & cruelty,