Adoption Fees

Dog & Puppy Adoption Fees:  Adoption fee for shelter animals arriving not fixed includes low cost spay or neuter via our low cost clinic or refundable deposit of $50.00 when proof received from your preferred veterinarian/the reference provided. Your new pet is placed under foster to adopt or medical hold until the procedure complete. If you do not comply, HATA reserves the right to remove the animal from your care. Our fee also includes core vaccinations, flea treatment, de-wormer and a licensed dog tag for the year of purchase. Rabies vaccine also included *via clinics*. Adoption Fees lowered for seniors and those arriving with special needs. If the animal arrived fixed, adoption fee is also reduced. 

Cat & Kitten Adoption Fees: $30.00 adoption fee for male cats covers the low cost clinic neuter fee. $60.00 adoption fee for females covers the low cost clinic spay. Core vaccinations, flea treatment, de-wormer included. $30.00 fee for all fixed cats & kittens. Clinic apps due at time of adoption in addition to our contract. Failure to comply with the spay & neuter requirement (proof from veterinary reference required or keeping the appointment via us) can result in HATA removing the animal from your care. See above for full policy. 

Rescue Fees: Please contact the main office to discuss options, fees, and arrangements as they do vary. Must be a 501c3 organization, please send credentials and inquiries directly to

As of January 2013, all dog surrenders of owned pets will be required to pay $25.00 per county. HATA will sponsor this case by case & as needed. Strays are received at no charge. Cats and kittens are never turned away or waitlisted, no surrender charge or fee but donations are appreciated. After hours emergency cat drop off box also available.