Please note we are not affiliated in any way, nor do we receive support from, the recently formed “Coshocton County Humane Society”. 

As a county dog pound, we fill up weekly (often daily) with strays and unwanted pets. Our goal is to provide loving care to all animals received. This includes shelter, access to high quality food and fresh water 24/7, core vaccines, parasite treatments and urgent veterinary care needs. In our dog pound, strays are held the 72 hours required by state law. This hold is often extended by staff as a courtesy to allow owners more time to claim, as space allows. If not claimed or an owner surrender (no holds required) we begin conducting in shelter behavior testing and assessing each adoptable animal. We then release for private adoption. During this time, we also begin reaching out to our wonderful rescue/transfer partners. If the animals are not quickly adopted here, we begin networking them for rescue/transfer pull. To be added to our rescue list, please send proof of 501c3 & contact our volunteer kennel manager & coordinator, Hayley Sturtz, at 

Our partners are incredibly helpful in many ways:

  • Overflow assistance
  • Non-emergency surgeries
  • Specialized services & veterinary care (staff veterinarians)
  • Behavioral assistance (prison program-FAPL) 
  • Reduction of stress (a “full” dog pound is difficult on many levels for our dogs & our workers– mentally, emotionally, and physically) 
  • More exposure for adoptable pets via these larger organizations 
  • Increases our dog pound save rates (no space related euthanasia)
  • Accept all breeds, ages, and types of dogs
  • Responsible Adoption Processes 
  • 501c3 reputable organizations 

Over 250 animals have benefited from this program to date. With the combined efforts of HATA & our transfer partners, this program helps move adoptable animals from the dog pound & cat shelter safely, quickly, & responsibly. We know exactly who is caring for them, that they will receive full veterinary care (spay, neuter, general & surgical medical needs) and are in the best & most loving hands. Thank you to all of our friends in rescue & at the APLs. We are proud to work alongside you in our caring for animals!

Bunnies, cats, and exotics received are also sent to specific rescues and rehabilitation centers as applicable. 

Sadly, not all shelter dogs and cats that enter are eligible for private adoption or rescue/transfer. This includes owner surrender euthanasia, ferals, court ordered euthanasia, behavioral/bite history/aggression pattern (documented) euthanasia, illness, and failure to thrive. Our staff & volunteers care equally for all animals who enter, no matter the circumstance.