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About Coshocton County
Covering 564.1 square miles and 22 townships Coshocton County is located in the east-central portion of the state. Coshocton County is bordered by Holmes, Tuscarawas, Guernsey, Muskingum, Licking, and Knox counties in Ohio. The County Seat is Coshocton. Coshocton County is a rich historical area. The word Coshocton is a derivative of an Indian word meaning "union of waters". Coshocton County has continued to grow into a rural area of more than Thirty-six thousand people.

County Flag

The County/City flag of Coshocton, designed by former local student Karen Uher, contains twenty-two stars which represent our twenty-two townships. The horizontal "Y" represents the Tuscarawas and Walhonding Rivers converging at Coshocton to form the Muskingum River.

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