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In our ongoing efforts to make the approval process as quick and simple as possible we are implementing the following changes.

All survey plats and legal descriptions are to be submittedd to the GIS/Tax Map Office digitally.  We will review these submissions and return same to the surveyor for changes that may be necessary.  After all of the changes have been made by the surveyor and approved by the Map Office, we will add the digital approved stamp to surveyor's plat and legal description and email the approved digital files to the surveyor.  The Map Office will no longer put approved stamps on paper versions of the documents.

All digitally approved survey plats and legal descriptions that are CCRPC approved splits will be forwarded to the CCRPC by the Map Office at the same time they are returned to the surveyor.  The CCRPC will then affix their digital approval to the documents and electronically return such to the surveyor and the Map Office.  This digitally approved copy will then be added to our survey database to be used for future transfers.

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