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Conveyance Standards

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Deed Review

The deed is to be submitted by email to the Tax Map Office ( before execution. Once the review has been completed and the document approved you will receive, by email, a Transfer Review Sheet along with your deed that has been stamped on each page. This is the document you will print and use for your closing. The document can then be taken directly to the Auditor and Recorderís Office. Any document that does not have every page approved will be returned to this office to be processed again.

Recorded descriptions, from March of 2013 to date, bearing the approval stamp on each page can also be used if of good quality, as long as the previous recording information has been removed.  

The Coshocton County Engineer and The Coshocton County Auditor will try to have the review completed within 3 workdays. Please review the March 1, 2013 Standards for the details of the requirements for all submittals.



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