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Cover Crop Program

More Cover Crop Walks are being planned for Summer 2014 - details coming soon


The Coshocton Soil and Water Conservation District held a Cover Crop Walk on Tuesday, December 17, at 10:00 a.m.    We viewed Gerald and Judy Finlay’s soybean field with oat cover, Wen-Mar Farms’ soybean field with rye cover along US 36, and concluded our tour at Darr Farms looking at a soybean field with a pea/rye/radish mixture.  

This allowed attendees to see the cover crops while they were still actively growing.   Thanks to Darr Farms for sponsoring lunch at the conclusion of our Cover Crop Walk.  



Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Cover Crop Program. 

Coshocton County's aerial seeding took place September 10th with over 1,500 acres seeded in Coshocton County.

Expired - Cost Share Funds Available

Coshocton SWCD staff is working hard this month to get landowners signed up for a new cover crop cost share program.   Funding has been made available to CSWCD from the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District for landowners to seed cover crops.    The SWCD is able to offer a cover crop cost share incentive of $13 per acre through the MWCD and Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Soil & Water Resources.   This initiative is funding approximately 20,000 acres of cover crops in the 18 counties within the Muskingum River Watershed.   A maximum of 1,300 acres can be funded in Coshocton County, with a 200 acre per producer cap.  

A cover crop is an un-harvested crop grown as part of a planned rotation to provide conservation benefits to the soil.   Cover crops slow erosion, improve soil organic matter, smother weeds, enhance nutrient and moisture availability, help control many pests, and reduce soil compaction.  

The cover crop program requires those interested to complete an application which will be scored based on crops, slope, proximity to a waterway or stream, soil test availability and aerial application.   The Coshocton SWCD will coordinate the aerial application part of the program.   Seed being flown on will be broadcast onto standing soybeans just before they yellow and the leaves drop.   The SWCD will contract with Fisher Ag Service to fly out of the Coshocton County Airport and will be ordering the seed in bulk to pass the savings on to the farmer.

Interested landowners need to apply at our office and identify fields on a Farm Service Agency map and indicate what crop is desired (oats or rye).   The application deadline for the cover crop program is July 1, 2013 .   Contact our office if we have not talked to you about this opportunity and you would like to try cover crops.   We look forward to working with you to keep our soils healthy and productive and protect the water quality in our community.   Contact the Coshocton SWCD at 740-622-8087, extension 4.


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