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July 25, 2014
Big Tree Contest
16th Annual Big Tree Contest
3rd Annual "Coshocton Is Blooming" Big Tree Contest

The Coshocton Soil and Water Conservation District is sponsoring its Annual “Big Tree Contest.”  This contest is open to all species of trees growing on privately owned property in Coshocton County.   Property line trees and trees growing on federal, state or local government land are not eligible.  Any person can enter a tree physically located in Coshocton County whether or not the tree is growing on the nominator’s property.

The Big Tree Contest is a county-wide contest, while the “Coshocton Is Blooming” category is limited to trees growing within the City of Coshocton.   Coshocton SWCD encourages you to submit as many entries as you like for you and your neighbors’ trees.   Entry forms are available at the Coshocton SWCD office or online at   All entries must be received by 4:30 p.m. on July 25, 2014.


Nearly 50% of Coshocton County contains trees of various species, and the county is located in the heart of Ohio’s forest product industry.   Trees are not only valued for their obvious wood based products, but also for their ability to purify air through their uptake of carbon dioxide, combat soil erosion caused by wind and water with their massive root systems, all the while providing shade and beauty.   However, trees do not live forever.  Lightning, insects, fungus and decay can take their toll on these graceful giants.

Entries will be measured by a representative from Coshocton SWCD using the national standardized measurement criteria.  The owners of the two 2014 Coshocton County “Big Trees” will each receive a plaque at Coshocton SWCD’s 72nd Annual Meeting and Banquet to be held October 16th at the Career Center.



2013's winning Big Tree was a Red Oak owned by Delbert and Linda Sechler of White Eyes Township.  It measured 198.5" in circumference with a height of 95 feet and an average crown spread of 87 feet.

2013's Coshocton Is Blooming winning Big Tree was an Oak owned by Mark Clark of Sheridan Road, Coshocton.  It measured 142" in circumference with a height of 99 feet and an average crown spread of 95.5 feet.

2014 Big Tree Entry Form


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