Regional Planning Commission
2013 Membership
President - Don Wells, Tuscarawas Township Trustee
Vice President - Brandy Burchett,  Member At-Large Banking Institution
Executive Committee Members
Dane Shryock, Coshocton County Commissioner
Fred Wachtel, Coshocton County Engineer
Steve Lonsinger, County Health Department
Ron Lusk, Village of West Lafayette
Charles Hathaway, City of Coshocton
Steve Hall, Oxford Township Trustee
Alan Donaker, Perry Township Trustee
CCRPC Membership
Dane Shryock, Coshocton County Commissioner *EC*
Gary Fischer, Coshocton County Commissioner
D. Curtis Lee, Coshocton County Commissioner
Fred Wachtel, Coshocton County Engineer*EC*
Steve Lonsinger. Health Department *EC*
VACANT, Citizen Appointment - Attorney
Bob Nelson, Citizen Appointment - Real Estate
Brandy Burchett, Citizen Appointment - **Vice President**
Todd Endsley, Citizen Appointment, Chamber Member
Larry Stahl, Township Association
Bruce Lowery, Township Association
Charles Hathaway, City of Coshocton*EC*
Dennis Lowe, City of Coshocton
Marge Donley, Village of Conesville
Colleen Ringwalt, Village of Nellie
Jerry Funk, Village of Warsaw
Ron Lusk, Village of West Lafayette *EC*
Mark Westhoefer, Adams Township
Curtis Garber, Clark Township
Donald Dean Shroyer, Franklin Township
Dale Smith, Jefferson Township
Paul Schonauer, Keene Township
James Schumaker, Lafayette Township
Thomas Fabian, Monroe Township
Buddy Goodman, Newcastle Township
Steve Hall, Oxford Township*EC*
Alan Donaker, Perry Township*EC*
Mike Ashcraft, Pike Township
Richard Border Sr., Tiverton Township
Don Wells, Tuscarawas Township, **President**
Randy Moore, White Eyes Township
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