Coshocton County
Prosecutor's Office
318 Chestnut Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812
(740) 622-3566 office
(740) 623-6520 fax
  Hours of Operation  
  Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m
(closed weekends and holidays)

Duties of the County Prosecutor

Advises County Officials

Ohio law designates the County Prosecutor's Office as the chief legal counsel for all county offices, boards, and agencies such as the Board of County Commissioners, the County Engineer, County Auditor, Board of Elections, County Treasurer and other similar agencies.

In his capacity as chief legal counsel for all county officers, he may advise and offer written opinions to county officers in matters connected with their official duties. The Prosecutor is required to prosecute and defend all suits and actions which any board or officer directs or to which the board or officer is a party.

As counsel for the County Auditor, the Prosecutor advises the Auditor on all taxation matters, including appeals. The Prosecutor also represents the county Treasurer in receivership proceedings to collect taxes and other matters relating to the collection of county monies.

Prosecutes Serious Crimes

The County Prosecutor prosecutes all persons charged with committing felonies in Coshocton County. Felonies are serious criminal offenses that may result in imprisonment in a State Penitentiary for at least six months.

The Prosecutor has the power to inquire into the commission of crimes. He presents cases to the grand jury and prepares indictments.

The Prosecutor conducts the trials of those persons charged with felonies and collects for the County all fines and costs levied. The Prosecutor also represents the State of Ohio in all appeals and post-conviction release petitions filed by felons convicted in Coshocton County.

Prosecutes Juvenile Offenders

The County Prosecutor prosecutes all juveniles alleged to be unruly, delinquent or a juvenile traffic offender in Coshocton County. The Prosecutor also represents the State of Ohio in all appeals a filed by juveniles found to be unruly, delinquent or a juvenile traffic offender.

Child Abuse

In 2001 Prosecutor Bob Batchelor brought the prosecution of child, abuse, neglect and dependency cases under the umbrella of the Prosecutor's Office.  A special child victim detective works closely with case workers from Children's Services to investigate allegations of abuse.  The Prosecutor's Office has an interview room that is age appropriate for child victims and is dedicated to the investigation of abuse cases.

Is an Elected Official

The Prosecutor is elected and holds office for four years. The Prosecutor is elected in the Presidential election years. The term begins on the first Monday of January following the election.

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