Health Department
  Coshocton County
Health Department
724 S. Seventh Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812

(740) 622-1426
Fax (740) 295-7576

Hours of Operation
Mon. - Fri. 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

We are open most business hours. However, District Health is intermittently closed due to staffing issues that relate to funding. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Coshocton County
Health Department is located
in the County Services Building at
724 South Seventh Street between
the fairgrounds (Kenilworth Ave.)
and Job & Family Services (Pine Street).

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District Health Staff Directory

Alphabetical Listing                                                Direct Line

Beiter, Becky, Director of Nursing                                           295-7307

Brems, Bob, Health Commissioner                                         295-7316

Buchanan, Jackie, Clerk                                                        295-7302

Fanning, Zach, Solid Waste Sanitarian                                   295-7305

Lonsinger, Steve, Director of Environmental Health                 295-7304

Mosier, Christy, Emergency Preparedness                              295-7373

Smith, Tammy, BCMH Nurse                                                295-7303

Wilson, Wendy, Vital Statistics Registrar                               295-7306    

Maternal & Child Health
Staff Directory
(740) 622-2999

Abood, Cindy, Prenatal Clinic Coordinator
Brickles, Darcy, Child Health Clerk/Billing
Downer, Erma, Clerk
King, Sara, Child Health Clinic Coordinator
Rohr, Leane, Director
Smith, Tammy, Clinic Nurse

Family & Children First Council
Staff Directory

Hibbs, Chad - Director
Boal, Amy - Program Coordinator
Butcher- Mary-Parent Educator Assistant
Leane Rohr - Parent Educator
Tupper, Suzie - Parent Educator

Women Infant and Children (WIC)
Staff Directory
(740) 622-2929

Hamersley, Willa  - Director
Buchanan, Jackie - Clerk
Neale, Natasha - Breastfeeding Peer Helper
McKay, Adana - Support Staff
Moore, Melissa - Lactation Consultant
Webster, Tonya - Health Professional

Coshocton City Health Department
Staff Directory
(740) 622-1736
General E-mail:

Alphabetical Listing E-Mail

Clark, Katherine                                City BCMH Nurse  Phone Ext 110
Davis, Vicki,                                      Director of Nursing, Deputy Registrar   Phone Ext 112
Frank, Mark,                                      Director of Environmental Health  Phone  Ext 113
Jamison, Linda,                                 Clerk and Registrar  Phone Ext 100
Roberts, Laura,                                  Home Health  Phone Ext 106

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