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Nurturing Families of Coshocton


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The Nurturing Parenting Programs are a family-centered initiative designed to build nurturing parenting skills in the families of our community.   The programs feature activities to foster positive parenting skills and self-nurturing, home practice exercises, family nurturing time, and activities to promote positive brain development in children.   Each program is designed to correspond to the developmental age level of children: birth to five years; school-age (5 to12 years); and adolescence (13 to 19 years).


The flexibility within the structure of the programs allows facilitators to ensure the specific needs of families are being met.   Up to fifteen 2 hour sessions are offered in a group setting one day each week. Locations and dates are determined by participant demographics such as age of child and agency affiliation.   Parents and children attend separate groups that meet concurrently designed to build positive concept/self-esteem; build levels of empathy and awareness of needs; teach alternatives to hitting and yelling; enhance family communication; promote healthy physical and emotional development; and teach appropriate developmental expectations.  Groups promote nurturing practices by opening and closing each session with parents and children together playing, creating, guiding and learning wherein parents have the opportunity to practice skills learned each week.

Facilitators employ various methods to implement material such as PowerPoint presentation, video media, hand-outs, games, hands-on and team-building activities, artistic expression through crafts, music and childrenís literature, and Puppet Shows.   Our facilitators are experienced parents whose desire is to continue to learn while guiding participants through researched and evidence-based curricula.   At the conclusion of each session, participants are asked to complete an evaluation to provide on-going enhancements for the local program.   In addition, parents are pre and post tested using the AAPI II online assessment to help instructors not only determine each groupís individual needs and strengths, but also to assess outcomes regarding the programís effectiveness.


Currently, the program is providing Nurturing Parenting for Parents of all age groups for families in Coshocton County, as well families who have involvement with Job and Family Services, Coshocton County Juvenile Court, Coshocton County Justice Center, and area school districts.   According to comments and attendance records, professionals and parents are more than pleased with the sessions and/or would recommend the program to a friend.



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